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  • Cloburn Quarry Company: Drainage aggregates for SUDS schemes
    Drainage aggregates for SUDS schemes
    Cloburn Quarry Company
    Cloburn drainage aggregates are designed for use with permeable paving blocks to provide materials suitable for sustainable urban drainage system specifications. Using permeable blocks and the Cloburn drainage system, heavy...
  • Cloburn Quarry Company: Cloburn fine red cubical aggregates
    Cloburn fine red cubical aggregates
    Cloburn Quarry Company
    Cloburn fine red cubical aggregates are suitable for hard surfaces that require a wear resistant red coating, such as concrete block paving and asphalt applications such as bus lanes and cycle paths. The colour of the...
  • Cloburn Quarry Company: Granitmix™ ready-mixed concrete
    Granitmix™ ready-mixed concrete
    Cloburn Quarry Company
    Granitmix™ ready-mixed concrete screeds are made using Cloburn granite aggregates. They are suitable for a range of applications including housing concrete for foundations and floor slabs, industrial concrete for civil...
  • Cloburn Quarry Company: Concrete aggregates
    Concrete aggregates
    Cloburn Quarry Company
    Concrete aggregates are suitable for high-specification projects that require low water absorption and high strength. They are available in course or fine grades. Coarse aggregate is available in 4-20mm sizes. It is a low...
  • Ecolime: Unity fibred finish plaster
    Unity fibred finish plaster
    The perfect lime plaster finish to use with Light Weight Insulating Plaster. It’s perfect with Breathable insulating boards, such as wood fibre boards, cork insulating boards, wood wool boards in a one coat application. It...
  • Dural UK: Durastep standard stair nosing
    Durastep standard stair nosing
    Dural UK
    DURASTEP Standard are highly robust stair nosing profiles for use in private dwellings. The 25 mm wide PVC inlays are available in 5 colours and are interchangeable as required.
  • Dural UK: Z-Flex curver
    Z-Flex curver
    Dural UK
    The Z-Flex profile is a flexible profile that comes in many finishes and sizes. They are formed in such a way so they can be easily bent into rounded shapes, curving it either inward or outward. Durosol - Brass (DSM):...
  • Black Cat Music & Acoustics: Tourmaster three-step standing risers
    Tourmaster three-step standing risers
    Black Cat Music & Acoustics
    Great for travelling choirs and music service use, the Tourmaster system includes backrails, side rails, a Move & Store cart, and a three-step riser. The lightweight riser system is easy and quick to set up, provides...
  • Bluebird Fixings: Timber frame ties
    Timber frame ties
    Bluebird Fixings
    Timber frame tie are used to fix masonry to timber frame buildings. They are made from 0.5mm thick stainless steel. 250 ties per box complete with stainless steel ring shank nail Complies with strength requirements for a DD...
  • Bluebird Fixings: Cavity screw ties
    Cavity screw ties
    Bluebird Fixings
    Bluebird cavity wall screw ties comply with the strength requirements of DD140-1 for a type 2 tie. They are used to connect new walls to existing buildings at right angles. Quick and easy to use, no special tools or skills...
  • Black Cat Music & Acoustics: Versalite portable stage platform system
    Versalite portable stage platform system
    Black Cat Music & Acoustics
    The Versalite portable stage platform is an advanced, flexible system designed for music facilities. Whether ordered as a stage or seated riser, the Versalite system can easily be reconfigured into multi-level stages. The...
  • Black Cat Music & Acoustics: The Forte acoustic shell for stages
    The Forte acoustic shell for stages
    Black Cat Music & Acoustics
    The Forte acoustical shell provides fast, simple and safe set-up or reconfiguration for everyday use that does not require tools. It provides an alternative to large, full-stage acoustical shell systems or portable...


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  • Six awards in two years for Membrane Recycling Service
    Six awards in two years for Membrane Recycling Service
    In just under two years, the incredibly unique and innovative Membrane Recycling Service has garnered plenty of attention form various prestigious award events in the UK, receiving a total of 11 award nominations and six wins! From our very first win in June 2018 at The Property Care Association Best Practice Awards, to our most recent win at the...
    Newton Waterproofing, 28 November 2019 News
  • Newton partners with waterproofing specialist RASCOR
    Newton partners with waterproofing specialist RASCOR
    Newton Waterproofing has exclusively partnered with global waterproofing specialist RASCOR International to bring the unique RASCOtank system over from Switzerland to the UK. Often referred to as the 'White Tank' engineered waterproofing system, the RASCOtank system ensures that the concrete acts as both the structure and the waterproofing. The...
    Newton Waterproofing, 27 November 2019 News
  • PATTRESS PLUS panels used in new Queensferry High School
    PATTRESS PLUS panels used in new Queensferry High School
    A newly built Queensferry High School in Edinburgh, replacing the one currently in use, has had its internal fit-out completed ahead of schedule after the project was speeded up through the use of SMARTPLY PATTRESS PLUS. Delivering 750 brand new classrooms, PATTRESS PLUS is a newly-launched, specially-designed pattressing panel from MEDITE...
    MEDITE SMARTPLY, 21 November 2019 News
  • Understanding and solving building movement problems
     Understanding and solving building movement problems
    This seminar aims to cover: what expansion joints are and why they are required; what an expansion joint cover is and its function within a building; expressing building movement in various ways; the different types of expansion joint covers available; factors that influence selection of an expansion joint cover; how to specify. CS has been...
    Construction Specialties, CPD


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  • World Architecture Festival 2019
    The World Architecture Festival is the largest international gathering of architects consisting of an awards, conference and exhibition. This year's festival will be held in Amsterdam where more than 2000 architects will attend to celebrate, learn and be inspired. Join the WAF community. WAF is the only architecture event where keynote talks sit...
    EMAP, 04 December 2019 Event