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  • Residentiel Vinyl Cladding: Royal vinyl weatherboard cladding
    Royal vinyl weatherboard cladding
    Residentiel Vinyl Cladding
    Royal Vinyl is extruded from polyvinyl chloride homopolymer resin and blended with exclusive DURA technology impact modifiers, forming an extremely tough, long-lasting cladding. This product has been firmly established in...
  • Residentiel Vinyl Cladding: Royal Building System
    Royal Building System
    Residentiel Vinyl Cladding
    The Royal Building System (RBS) is a building system of prefabricated PVC components and is used for the erection of walls and building partitions. Buildings erected using the RBS technology are durable, easily assembled and...
  • Kee Safety: Kee Walk® rooftop walkway with guardrail
    Kee Walk® rooftop walkway with guardrail
    Kee Safety
    The Kee Walk®with guardrail system from Kee Safety is a safe access solution consisting of walkway and guardrail which can be installed quickly and easily on a wide variety of roofs. It is a safe, compliant and modular...
  • Modern Plan Insulation: Cavity Wall Insulating & Stabilisation Foam
    Cavity Wall Insulating & Stabilisation Foam
    Modern Plan Insulation
    Cavity Wall Insulating & Stabilisation Foam is a cavity stabilisation / insulation foam system. Cavity Wall Insulating & Stabilisation Foam is a CFC-free, rigid polyurethane foam system, injected into cavity walls to...
  • Modern Plan Insulation: Rigid PU foam for marine insulation and buoyancy
    Rigid PU foam for marine insulation and buoyancy
    Modern Plan Insulation
    MPI can offer a range of sprayed and injected rigid PU foam systems for Marine Insulation and Buoyancy applications. Spray grades Spray grades, with Class 1 to BS 476 Part 7 fire ratings, are used to insulate hulls to...
  • Modern Plan Insulation: Polyspray PU spray foam insulation
    Polyspray PU spray foam insulation
    Modern Plan Insulation
    MPI Polyspray is a CFC-free, ODP-zero, two-component rigid foam system which, when processed through MPI spray machinery, will produce a rigid foam with exceptionally good compressive strength. The service temperature range...
  • Modern Plan Insulation: Pirthane Class 0
    Pirthane Class 0
    Modern Plan Insulation
    Pirthane 0 is a Class 0 fire-rated sprayed foam and coating composite. Pirthane has excellent thermal insulation and fire-resistant properties. The system comprises of a low thermal conductivity, spray applied, insulating...
  • Knauf Danoline: Visona suspended ceiling system
    Visona suspended ceiling system
    Knauf Danoline
    Visona is a versatile ceiling system. It features a double-grid system that allows a wide variety of design options. Visona allows the creation of customised lighting, working with the shape of the room to provide a high...
  • Knauf Danoline: Plaza suspended ceiling tiles
    Plaza suspended ceiling tiles
    Knauf Danoline
    Plaza is a straightforward suspended ceiling tile that provides opportunities for creative design using contrast between tile and grid. It is ideal for use with a narrow grid system Plaza is fast and easy to mount and adapt,...
  • Knauf Danoline: Mitex mitred ceiling panels
    Mitex mitred ceiling panels
    Knauf Danoline
    Mitex mitred ceiling panels provide individual details in a wide range of shapes. Panels are manufactured to commission and provide sharp, well defined luminant contrasts. V-notches can be added from two sides as well as at...
  • Knauf Danoline: Designpanel ceiling system
    Designpanel ceiling system
    Knauf Danoline
    The Designpanel ceiling system is suitable for large surface ceiling and wall areas, giving a monolithic look. It offers scope for a ceiling design with large, continuous surfaces. Panels are fitted with tapered edges on the...
  • Knauf Danoline: Danotile suspended ceiling tile
    Danotile suspended ceiling tile
    Knauf Danoline
    Danotile high-quality, economic suspended ceiling tiles are mounted with a visible lay-in grid system. They have a smooth, white or metallic foil-laminated surface, which is environmentally friendly and ensures great...


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  • New Product -Wraptherm
    New Product -Wraptherm
    The A. Proctor Group has launched a new wall membrane composite, which will improve airtightness levels whilst at the same time addresses the need to reduce thermal bridging, particularly in refurbishment projects. Wraptherm is a high-performance self-adhesive membrane composite specifically developed to be applied during the refurbishment of...
    A Proctor Group, 18 January 2019 News
  • BBA Certificate for Cembrit
    BBA Certificate for Cembrit
    Cembrit is pleased to announce that it has received approval from the British Board of Agrément (BBA) for its cladding product range, providing peace of mind to specifiers who choose to use Cembrit’s non-combustible fibre cement cladding boards on their projects. What is certified? Cembrit Patina, Solid and Cover are all “A2-s1, d0” fire rated...
    Cembrit, 17 January 2019 News
  • Precision-etched brass and steel spindles now available
    Precision-etched brass and steel spindles now available
    TOPP & CO has launched a new range of brass and stainless steel spindles, which can be precision-etched with a wide range of standard patterns or customised with unique designs, patterns or corporate logos. Suitable for either domestic or commercial applications, the spindles are manufactured in brass or stainless steel as standard, but can also...
    TOPP & CO, 15 January 2019 News
  • Designing daylight in the built environment
    This seminar highlights the importance of natural light for buildings and occupants, as well as the general principles of daylight. It also advises on the design considerations involved and options available when incorporating rooflight systems into the built environment. provides an understanding of the importance of natural light in different...
    Whitesales® Rooflights and Accessories, CPD


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  • Facilities Management Ireland 2019
    This event has consistently delivered the largest gathering of buyers and decision makers responsible for the various aspects involved in FM, Health & Safety, Fire Safety, Security and the management of effective and efficient working facilities: find the latest industry solutions all in one place; see new products and technology, find solutions...
    Step Exhibitions, 05 March 2019 Event