Marketing opportunities

Whether you want to win projects, get your company specified or proactively target qualified decision-makers, you’ll find more decisions go in your favour when you influence your audience with one of our added value marketing subscriptions.

Unillustrated entries are available to consultants, contractors, manufacturers, designer-makers and advisory organisations.

The minimum contract term is 12 months.

If you would like a demonstration to explore opportunities, email or call 01786 447005 and ask for sales.



Subscription Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Reach and Influence x10 x20 x40 x200
Online Shopfront We build it We build it We build it We build it
Search rank 2 2 1 1
Brand Logos
Download Library
Social Media Links
Illustrated Entries 10 20 Unlimited Unlimited
New Entry Promotion
Button ads
Email Bulletins 2x per year 5x per year 10x per year
Online Monthly Features 1x per year 2x per year
Managed Email Campaigns 2x per year
One year subscription £POA £POA £POA £POA
Two year subscription £POA £POA £POA £POA
Three year subscription £POA £POA £POA £POA
Service & Support Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Content Management System
Website Metrics
Bulletin Metrics
Framework Creation
Full Entry Production
Managed News
Account Reviews Annual Biannual Biannual Quarterly
Optional Extras Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
List Rental
Managed Campaigns
Authoring Services

Reach and Influence


By illustrating your products and services, you increase your reach and influence by a factor of 10. The more you illustrate, the greater your visibility.

High level marketing subscriptions deliver more return on investment by leveraging digital marketing opportunities.

Online Shopfront


When you place an order with us, we create a framework for you for the core products and services you want to promote.

WE BUILD IT means that we also complete information using available materials as far as possible, including: your entry description, fast facts, illustrations and downloads. Thereafter, it's easy for you to maintain and enhance your presence using the Content Management System.

YOU BUILD IT means that you are responsible for completing and managing your own shopfront.

Search rank


Search rank is the default sort order in browse and search results.

Illustrated entries are grouped by subscription and presented in a daily randomised order. The higher your ranking, the more likely you are to be selected and specified.

When the supplier channel is selected, the company with the most illustrated entries in the category within each sort group is top of the search results.



You can create as many listings as you need to describe your business activities, including entries for products, services and completed projects.

Brand Logos


A company or brand logo can be specified for display on all your online entries.

Logos reinforce and strengthen recognition of your brand.

Repetition and familiarity builds trust.

Download Library


Up to 30 documents can be associated with each entry.

Catalogues, data sheets, certificates, drawings and files help buyers qualify and progress their interest.

Social Media Links


Add social media links through My Company and Brand.

Illustrated Entries


Over 90% of entries viewed online are illustrated.

By illustrating your products and services, you increase your reach by a factor of 10.

The following entries can be illustrated:

  • Products and Services
  • Projects and Case Studies
  • CPD and learning materials
  • Articles and white papers
  • Exhibitions and conferences
  • Company, product and project news
  • Your company profile

Illustrated news posts are free.

New Entry Promotion


When you publish a new illustrated entry or upload a new main image, we promote you through the new entries channel.

In time, we will also promote you to logged in users interested in your products or services.

Button ads


Button ads are displayed in search results.

You can create button adverts for categories that you have an illustrated entry in.

Button ads provide additional branding and promotional opportunities.



Links to YouTube and Vimeo are supported.

Video can be associated with company, product, service, CPD and project entries if you have a Silver, Gold or Platinum subscription.

Email Bulletins


Email bulletins are sent on request to a growing list of opt-in buyers and specifiers.

You can use email bulletins to promote projects, case studies, products, expert services, CPD, articles, news and events.

When you have been promoted, you can see who has viewed your promotion and clicked through for additional information, making it easier for you to assess ROI.

Online Monthly Features


Online monthly features are given prime position on market sector landing pages.

Featured entries are also promoted through's social media channels, further boosting engagement.

Managed Email Campaigns


Managed email campaigns are sent to contacts who match your customer profile and have not opted out of receiving information from ESI's business partners.

Platinum accounts: the managed account set up, the first 5000 contacts and two campaign sends are included in the subscription costs; alternatively, you can rent a list of up to 5000 contacts for unlimited use throughout your contract period as part of your subscription.

Managed monthly email campaigns runs for a leading client achieve an average open rate of 20%.

One year subscription


A further 4% discount is available for a single annual payment.

Payment can be made by Direct Debit in up to 10 monthly instalments.


Two year subscription


The annual cost for a 24 month commitment includes an 8% discount.

Booking for two years protects you from annual rate increases.

Three year subscription


The annual fee for a 36 month commitment includes a 12% discount on the annual rate.

Booking for three years protects you from annual rate increases, bringing considerable savings over the three year period.

Content Management System


Using's content management system to publish information about your products, services and expertise on an ongoing basis significantly extends your reach and influence.

The Content Management System allows you to create, edit and publish information about your key products and services whenever you want to.

Your core business proposition can be supported by projects and case studies, CPD courses, articles and news, which can all be used to build confidence in your capabiliities and expertise.

Website Metrics


Metrics for entry views and downloads are aggregated on a daily basis to help you assess performance.

The reporting interface allows you to select pre-set or custom reporting periods.

Bulletin Metrics's proactive marketing of your capabilities can boost your reach and influence by a factor of 20 through email bulletins and direct marketing campaigns.

Reported campaign metrics include the job title, company and post town of anyone who has opened viewed or engaged with your promoted products and services. This makes it easier for you to identify the source of valuable enquiries.

Framework Creation


At the start of a contract, we will create a framework for any products and services you want to promote. All we require is a list of the entry titles and the destination URL on your website. We will classify your entries, add a description, upload the entries as a batch process. The entries are created in draft format. You then complete the key info, add illustrations and set the publishing status to Live.

Full Entry Production


Online entries we compile for you will be customised to make them unique.

We provide full authoring services for paid-for subscriptions. At the start of each contract term, we create or optimise entries for the products and services you want to promote up to the specified annual limit.

Managed News


If you haven't got the time to promote your news through third party platforms, we will check for and promote interesting stories if you add to your newsletter address books.

Account Reviews


Our objective is to make sure that your key products and services is available to buyers when they search websites to find materials and partners for their projects.

At the start of a contract period, we consult with you to:

  • Clarify your marketing challenges and goals
  • Identify key products and services to promote
  • Prepare an content driven plan to support your goals

Annual content audits for retained clients involve checking all your entries are still valid and optimising your entries wherever possible.

Managed news means we will monitor, publish and promote any press releases you send to

Major Changes Service is included as standard and fulfilled in five working days. It covers:

  • New website launches
    When you launch a new site, we check and update all the links from your entries to your website.
  • Rebrands
    We upload new logos, documents and files to reflect changes in your brand positioning.

Ongoing reviews

We check your objectives are being met through regular reviews and help you market what's new on an ongoing basis.

List Rental


Take advantage of our address books of qualified contacts to ensure your email campaigns reach the decision makers and influencers that matter to you.

Whether you want to drive traffic to your website, launch a new product or service, or simply to reach a wider audience for your news and promotions, can tailor a list to match your requirements.

Annual list rental, cost per '000 email addresses

  • Bronze marketing subscription £525
  • Silver marketing subscription £450
  • Gold marketing subscription £325
  • Platinum marketing subscription £275

With gone-aways at a minimum and response levels well above average, is a company that truly understands the market and has the capability of compiling a selection of named contacts that matches client needs. I continue to value the additional insights they provide.
Nick Gill, Account Director
CIB Communications Ltd

Managed Campaigns


Managed Email Campaigns allow you to communicate directly with your target audience. Detailed campaign analytics and reporting allow you to easily quantify your return on investment. can set up your campaigns using your email html. Alternatively, simply choose one of our mobile-optimised template designs and we'll create an engaging campaign for you.

We have been using for the past 3 years and have found them to be a very responsive and innovative company to work with. They are very good at offering tailor-made packages to offer the best solution available for our needs.
Lucinda Muschialli, Marketing Director,
John Newton & Co Ltd

Authoring Services


Authoring services for creative copy writing, content moderation and image optimisation are available on request. Rates are £350 per day.


Bulletin promotions

Bulletins are sent to professional decision makers and influencers to keep them up-to-date with the latest case studies, products and sector innovations.

  • Click on an issue to see a sample bulletin and the high quality branded exposure available to you.
  • Click on audience to see the specifiers and buyers you could reach and influence.