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H+H is the UK's largest manufacturer of aircrete products, producing the Celcon Block range. H+H aircrete products offer a complete building material that meets the requirements of the Building Regulations, with the flexibility to offer solutions to hospitals, schools, offices, industrial warehouses and housing (social and private). Used in... Read more
  • H+H UK: Rå Build modern method of construction
    H+H UK: Celcon Standard Grade Blocks for floors and walls
    H+H UK: Celcon Solar Grade blocks for walls
    H+H UK: Celcon Higher Strength Grade Blocks
    H+H UK: Celcon Coursing Units for external and internal use
    H+H UK: Celcon Plus Blocks for walls and foundations

    H+H UK

    Building blocks

    At H+H we pride ourselves on delivering quality aircrete products and services to every sector within the building industry. Whether required for an extension, a new housing development, commercial or industrial premises, H+H aircrete has a product to suit. H+H are uniquely placed to provide solutions which encompass: Housing: both private and...
  • H+H UK: Masonry leads the way for Future Homes Standard
    H+H UK: I-House aircrete offsite solution speeds up construction
    H+H UK: i-House™ offsite housebuilding system

    H+H UK

    Volumetric modular building systems

    Rå Build The all-in-one building concept from H+H UK, Rå Build (pronounced ‘raw') is a new, easy to build approach to building. Utilising some of the most innovative building materials and processes, the system has many advantages over traditional build methods: easy all-in-one installation robust aircrete masonry superior build quality...
  • H+H UK: i-House™ offsite building solution for Lovell Homes
    H+H UK: Celcon building elements used by Barratt Homes

    H+H UK

    Concrete formwork

  • H+H UK

    Beam and block flooring

    Beam and block floors can be constructed using Celcon Blocks. They are lightweight which gives them an advantage when looking for a quicker and safer laying method. They help with economies of scale and reduce laying times. H+H Celcon Blocks will also further improve thermal insulation when used in conjunction with H+H Foundation Blocks....
  • H+H UK

    Separating / party walls

    H+H Celcon Blocks are ideal for use in partitions between rooms and for separating walls between flats, apartments and houses. Separating Walls and Flanking Walls With excellent sound insulation properties, Celcon Blocks can be used for construction of separating walls and their associated flanking walls. Part E of the Building Regulations can be...
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