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D Adam & Associates

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ACTEL Coatings manufactures and supplies protective paints and coatings. The product range includes: anti-graffiti paints; anti-poster coatings; anti-chewing gum coatings; block paving sealers; protective coatings for stone, brick, and concrete; water-based rust converters for the marine and offshore oil and gas industries; water repellents for... Read more
  • D Adam & Associates: Armaglaze Topcoat architectural/anti-graffiti  coating
    D Adam & Associates: Enviroguard AG water-based anti-graffiti coating
    D Adam & Associates: Armaglaze coating, Dundasvale Street, Glasgow
    D Adam & Associates: Armaglaze coating, Eurostar, Dartford
    D Adam & Associates: Enviroguard AG coating, Scottish Parliament
    D Adam & Associates: Enviroguard AG anti-graffiti coating, Wimbledon

    D Adam & Associates

    Anti-graffiti paints and coatings

    Offers anti-graffiti coatings and anti-vandal products....
  • D Adam & Associates: Navy Steel water-based rust primer

    D Adam & Associates

    Metal paints

    Supplies a rust converter coating for onshore and offshore equipment and vessels in the marine, oil and gas exploration sectors of the North Sea...
  • D Adam & Associates

    Cleaning materials

    Offers a range of graffiti removers and paint strippers for use with the companys protective coatings....
  • D Adam & Associates

    Graffiti removers

    Manufactures a range of sealers and coatings to protect building surfaces against erosion, corrosion, weathering, graffiti and anti-social damage. Products include a urethane-based, architectural coating available in all standard colours and in clear lacquers, which has excellent solvent and UV-resistance. ACTEL also manufactures the water-based...
  • D Adam & Associates


    D Adam & Associates can be contracted to apply its own products for clients, offering a one-stop service for long term decorative finishes and surface protection against graffiti tags, gum litter and flyposting. The company can also apply architectural coatings for difficult to access or scaffolded areas, that will last over 20 years before...
  • D Adam & Associates

    Protective masonry paints

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