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3M – Practical and ingenious solutions that help customers succeed 3M is a $24.5 billion diversified technology company which, since 1902, has been creating innovative products that help make our world a healthier, safer and more productive one. Well known household 3M brands include Scotch ®, Post-it®, Scotchgard™, Thinsulate™ and Scotch-Brite®... Read more
  • 3M United Kingdom

    Anti-graffiti paints and coatings

    3M™ Scotchkote™ liquid coatings provide clear and pigmented systems for all surfaces vulnerable to graffiti attack providing cost effective, long term protection....
  • 3M United Kingdom

    Fire protection paints and coatings

    Supplies intumescent coatings that provide fire protection for structural steelwork and timber substrates. The 3M Scotchkote SPX 700 series of waterborne intumescent coatings provide fire protection to steel columns and beams, including cellular beams, offering 30, 60, 90 and 120 minute fire protection periods for structural steelwork....
  • 3M United Kingdom

    Floor finishes and coatings

    3M™ Scotchkote™ liquid coatings are a range of high build and thin film coatings and heavy duty screeds for use in all industrial areas. Seamless and hardwearing, these coatings have good resistance to most chemicals and easy to clean making them ideal for many industrial applications....
  • 3M United Kingdom

    Hygienic paints and coatings

    3M™ Scotchkote™ hygienic liquid coating systems can be applied directly over existing tiled surfaces to provide a totally seamless, easy to clean finish....
  • 3M United Kingdom

    Personal protective equipment

    3M offers a range of respiratory, hearing and eye protective products to help create a safe working environment. A full technical support service is offered. Personal protective equipment: 3M respiratory protection: on-site hazards including dust, cement and chemicals; 3M hearing protection: ranging from ear plugs to helment mounted ear muffs; 3M...
  • 3M United Kingdom

    Protective masonry coatings

    3M™ Scotchkote™ External Wall Protection Systems While rain, wind, snow and fluctuating temperatures are the main causes of damage to external building surfaces, increased industrialisation has added more aggressive pollutants to the environment, accelerating the damage to the building envelope. We have more road traffic, more freight transport...
  • 3M United Kingdom

    Roofing membranes

    Offers liquid roofing systems that are tough, cold applied membranes giving exceptional durability and lasting peace of mind. These systems provide a lasting barrier to water penetration, will not embrittle and are highly resistant to sunlight. Easily applied to all types of roof structure their liquid composition allows complex shapes to be...
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    Window films

  • A. Head office
    3M Centre
    Cain Road
    RG12 8HT
    Call: 0870 608 0060
  • B. Infrastructure Protection Division (IsPD)
    23 Standard Way Business Park
    DL6 2XA
    Call: 01609 780170
    Fax: 01609 783762
  • C. Northallertton Office
    23 Standard Way Business Park
    DL6 2XA
    Call: 01609 780170
    Fax: 01609 780438
  • D. Customer Contact Call Centre
    28 Great Jackson Street
    M15 4PA
    Call: 0845 6028083
    Fax: 0161 237 6136
  • E. European Distribution Centre
    Customer Service Centre
    Hudson Road
    MK41 0HR
    Call: 01234 229696
    Fax: 01234 229594