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Don & Low

   Newfordpark House, Forfar, DD8 1FR,   View on map
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Don & Low is a UK-based - and internationally renowned - manufacturer of innovative, high performance woven and non-woven polyolefin technical textiles. Established in 1792, the company’s international success has been based on an outstanding reputation for quality, developing new technology and customer service. As part of the Thrace Group, the... Read more
  • Don & Low: Roofshield® vapour and air permeable roofing underlay
    Don & Low: RoofTX® vapour permeable roofing underlays
    Don & Low: MultiTX® Plus roofing underlay for pitched roofs
    Don & Low: RoofTX® CONSEAL tape underlay

    Don & Low

    Roofing underlays

    Don & Low have over 20 years of experience in the manufacture of roofing underlays for the European construction industry, with a range of underlays whch provide different functions to suit your roofing requirements. Water vapour is created by a number of regular household activities, including bathing, cooking, washing and drying of clothing...
  • Don & Low: FrameTX® breather membrane for wall construction
    Don & Low: FrameTX® Maxi breather membrane for walls
    Don & Low: FrameTX® Thermo reflective breather membrane for walls

    Don & Low

    Breather membranes

    Don & Low offer a range of membranes ideal for use in the construction of walls. Suitable for use in either timber frame or steel wall construction, breather membranes are designed to protect the building envelope during the construction phase from the effects of wind-driven rain, snow and dust. On completion, breather membranes help assist the...
  • Don & Low: Daltex® VCL vapour control layers

    Don & Low

    Vapour control layers

    Certain construction designs call for a complete air and vapour barrier to control condensation and air movement within the building. Our vapour control layers are high resistance vapour barriers for internal walls, ceilings and floors, specifically designed to prevent the transfer of water vapour through the structure when placed on the warm side...
  • A. Head office
    Newfordpark House
    Glamis Road
    DD8 1FR
    Call: 01307 452200
    Fax: 01307 452300