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Rubner Holzbau

   A-3200 Ober-Grafendorf, Austria
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Rubner Holzbau GmbH manufactures custom-made timber building products from its 25,000m2 factory in Ober-Grafendorf, Austria. Specialising in the production of glulam, the company also assembles prefabricated timber roof and wall building elements. Glulam is manufactured according to EN 386 and is certified to DIN1052-1.... Read more
  • Rubner Holzbau: Spruce glulam beams for roof frames
    Rubner Holzbau: Larch glulam beams for roof frames

    Rubner Holzbau

    Timber beams and joists

  • Rubner Holzbau: Universal insulated roof elements

    Rubner Holzbau

    Structural timber roof panels

    Universal insulated roof elements can be assembled on supporting structures made out of wood, steel or concrete. They are suitable for industrial applications....
  • Rubner Holzbau: Floor-to-floor load-bearing wall elements

    Rubner Holzbau

    Timber frame systems / kits

    Floor-to-floor load bearing wall elements are used in a range of applications, including floor-by-floor construction of multistory buildings and structured supporting walls. The lightweight construction of the elements makes large-surface areas possible. Floor-to-floor load-bearing wall elements are assembled in workshops with state-of-the-art...
  • Rubner Holzbau

    Building boards

  • Rubner Holzbau

    Timber roof trusses

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    Rennersdorf 62
    A-3200 Ober-Grafendorf
    Call: 00 43 2747 2251 0
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