Ready-mix concrete has in recent years become increasingly sophisticated. Tailored to specific construction applications, the concrete mixes can be made to display various high-performance characteristics. Read More

Low-shrink concrete has enhanced flexural strength, and solves the problem of shrinkage cracks in floor slabs. It makes use of controlled expansion to compensate for drying shrinkage and reduce internal stresses.

Self-compacting concrete is one of the most commonly used concrete types. Needing no vibration, it is useful for hard-to-access areas and flows freely around intricate formwork and reinforcing structures.

Rapid-setting concrete enables fast access and high early strength, saving time on site.

Specialist preblended concrete formulations can also be waterproof, coloured, foamed, fibre-reinforced, and resistant to heat, abrasion or chemicals.

Concrete admixtures can be added to conventional concrete to render it waterproof, workable and corrosion resistant, or can be used for concrete repair purposes.

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Preblended concrete - helping you find the best solution for your project.

  • AHS Ltd: Post mix concrete
    Post mix concrete
    AHS Ltd
    High quality pre-mixed formulation specifically designed for the fast setting of wooden, concrete or metal posts. Also ideal for setting fencing, bollards, rotary washing lines, statues and garden ornaments: rapid setting in...
  • Patersons of Greenoakhill: Precon readymix concrete
    Precon readymix concrete
    Patersons of Greenoakhill
    Precon is a high-performance and versatile concrete manufactured and supplied in Scotland's central belt. In addition to conventional, ready-mixed concretes, specialist products can be supplied to most specifications,...
  • Aggregate Industries: Hydracrete®
    Aggregate Industries
    A modified ready-mixed concrete designed for placement into still or moving water with minimal washout. The concrete has a high workability requiring no compactive effort once installed and is ideal for use in difficult...
  • Aggregate Industries: WeatherMix®
    Aggregate Industries
    WeatherMix has been specially developed to support and extend the construction season into the winter months. WeatherMix is specifically designed to tolerate colder conditions than normal concrete. It is formulated to allow...
  • Aggregate Industries: Foundationcrete®
    Aggregate Industries
    A durable and versatile ready-mixed concrete specially designed for one storey domestic foundations with no steel reinforcements. Foundationcrete when correctly specified and placed: Is ready to lay blocks and bricks upon...
  • Aggregate Industries: Aggregate Industries carries the load on Nene Bridge
    Aggregate Industries carries the load on Nene Bridge
    Aggregate Industries
    Constructed over the River Nene in the 1970s, Nene Bridge is an award-winning structure, iconic for its ‘v’ shaped pier. As a major traffic route, it provides access to vehicles travelling from the A1 to A47, as well as...
  • Aggregate Industries: Strike™
    Aggregate Industries
    Strike™ is a unique system developed to meet the ever increasing needs of fast-track construction. Strike is a complete system delivering rapid strength development together with a clear, risk free understanding of the...
  • Lafarge Aggregates: Chronolia™ concrete
    Chronolia™ concrete
    Lafarge Aggregates
    Chronolia concrete technology provides easy placement and a very high, early strength gain. It responds to the needs of contractors and designers by allowing them to save time and money. Chronolia provides the benefits of a...
  • Cloburn Quarry Company: Granitmix™ ready-mixed concrete
    Granitmix™ ready-mixed concrete
    Cloburn Quarry Company
    Granitmix™ ready-mixed concrete screeds are made using Cloburn granite aggregates. They are suitable for a range of applications including housing concrete for foundations and floor slabs, industrial concrete for civil...
  • Lafarge Aggregates: Extensia concrete for industrial floors
    Extensia concrete for industrial floors
    Lafarge Aggregates
    Extensia is a specialty concrete that extends industrial floor design and allows industrial slabs to better resist wear and impact of heavy vehicle traffic and high mechanical loads. Extensia is not only high strength and...
  • Aggregate Industries: Highpave™
    Aggregate Industries
    Designed by Aggregate Industries, Highpave is a range of fibre reinforced pavement grade concretes that reduce the errors associated with the use of conventional reinforcing methods. Highpave provides contractors and...
  • Aggregate Industries: Basecrete Extra
    Basecrete Extra
    Aggregate Industries
    A ready-mixed concrete specially designed as a durable direct floor finish, or as a substrate to screed. Basecrete Extra when correctly specified and placed: Will meet and exceed the relevant British and European Standards...
  • Aggregate Industries: Drivecrete®
    Aggregate Industries
    A ready-mixed concrete specially designed to be easy to place and virtually maintenance free. Drivecrete when correctly specified and placed: Will meet and exceed the relevant British and European Standards Is economical and...
  • Aggregate Industries: Leancrete®
    Aggregate Industries
    A low strength ready-mixed concrete mix ideal for contracts/projects where strength is not a key factor. Leancrete when correctly specified and placed: Will meet and exceed the relevant British and European Standards Is...
  • Aggregate Industries: Hydromedia®
    Aggregate Industries
    Hydromedia is an ideal solution for surface and stormwater management. A fast draining concrete pavement solution that rapidly directs stormwater off streets, parking surfaces, driveways and walkways. Minimises costs and...
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Preblended concrete- helping you find the best companies for your project.