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Coxsuntubes enable natural daylight to be brought from a rooftop into a space; brightening areas from dusk to dawn that daylight from windows cannot reach.

The sun tube is ideal for any area that is too small to install the traditional Coxdome, but is still in need of the benefits of natural light, e.g., toilets, bathrooms, corridors, hallways or kitchens.

The Coxsuntube is supplied in two versions: the Premier and the Ultra.

  • Provides free light into any home without the need for a power supply
  • No heat loss in winter or solar gain in summer months
  • No limit to the length of Cox Suntube, or number of bends used. Therefore suitable for all pitched and flat roofs
  • No structural alterations required with refurbishment projects as the sun tube can be routed round existing roof support work
  • Highly durable, low maintenance product
  • Virtually burglar-proof and vandal resistant
  • Self-cleaning and condensation free
  • Simple installation normally within 2-3 hours

Suitability Commercial
Roof type Flat roofs
Pitched roofs
Rooflight profile Domed

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