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Cembrit is a member of the Cembrit Holding A/S Group of Denmark, one of Europe's major building material producers with over 60 years of experience in the manufacture of fibre-reinforced cement products for the roofing and cladding industry: man-made slates; natural slates from Canada; external cladding and weatherboards; building boards for... Read more
  • Cembrit: Glendyne blue-grey natural roof slates
    Cembrit: Jutland fibre cement roof slates
    Cembrit: Westerland fibre cement slate
    Cembrit: Bitumen lightweight roof shingles
    Cembrit: Zeeland fibre cement roof slates
    Cembrit: Moorland dressed-edge fibre cement roof slates


    Roof tiles and slates

    Specialises in the supply of man-made roofing slates for use on all types of buildings with a roof pitch of over 20°. Also offers natural slates which are sourced from Canada. Fibre cement slates are manufactured from a mix of Portland cement, natural organic fibres and reinforcing, non-asbestos fibres with pigments and fillers. Available from a...
  • Cembrit: Cembrit Patina through-coloured cladding
    Cembrit: Cembrit Patina Rough fibre cement cladding
    Cembrit: Cembrit Transparent fibre-cement cladding
    Cembrit: Cembrit Solid fibre cement external cladding
    Cembrit: Cembrit Cover fibre cement rainscreen cladding
    Cembrit: Student accommodation wrapped in Cembrit cladding


    External wall / rainscreen cladding

    Manufacturer of heavy-duty boards and panels for external cladding applications. Panels are constructed from a combination of cement and mineral fillers. They are available in 49 standard colours and almost any NCS paint colour to special order. All brands can be fixed as rainscreen or traditional cladding....
  • Cembrit: Cembrit B5 corrugated fibre-cement roof cladding sheets
    Cembrit: Cemsix fibre-reinforced cement corrugated roof cladding
    Cembrit: Durable corrugated sheeting for renewable energy project
    Cembrit: Cembrit B5 corrugated sheets transform village hall roof
    Cembrit: Corrugated roofing and facade for agricultural building
    Cembrit: B5 corrugated sheeting on Irish self-build walls/roof


    Roof cladding sheets

  • Cembrit: Render and boards for student accommodation facade
    Cembrit: Cembrit heavy-duty cladding boards for Twickenham stand
    Cembrit: Windstopper Extreme sheathing board
    Cembrit: Cembrit Unipan tile backing board
    Cembrit: Cembrit PB base board
    Cembrit: Cembrit Multi Force (FR) fibre cement building board


    Building boards

    Offers exterior and interior lining boards in four thicknesses, with a Class 0 fire rating to BS 476. They are manufactured from cement and wood board, and have a higher impact resistance than plasterboard. They can be decorated or used as a bare base for other finishes or fittings....
  • Cembrit: Eastern white cedar Grade A shingles


    Shingles and shakes

  • Cembrit: Seamless base for facade render at shopping outlet



  • Cembrit: Cembrit Plank FRC rainscreen cladding


    Weatherboard cladding

    Fibre-cement weatherboarding. Available pre coated or uncoated for on-site finishing....
  • Cembrit

    Dry-fix roofing systems

  • Cembrit

    Precast concrete

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