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Aggregate Industries

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  • Aggregate Industries: Tooled
    Aggregate Industries
    Tooled masonry blocks feature the vertical tooled markings that are characteristic of a chiselled dressed natural stone finish. For housing they are used in external walls and extensions, and for new build projects where a...
  • Aggregate Industries: Masterlite® Pro Acoustic
    Masterlite® Pro Acoustic
    Aggregate Industries
    A cost effective concrete building block, close textured Paintgrade unit developed specifically for use in schools to meet the acoustic requirement of BB93. Excellent sound reduction block to meet the acoustic requirements...
  • Aggregate Industries: Enviroblock®
    Aggregate Industries
    Dense and lightweight density blocks containing a minimum of 73% recycled/secondary aggregates. Environmentally engineered to meet the demands of today’s society 73% minimum recycled/secondary aggregate content Raw materials...
  • Aggregate Industries: Traditional
    Aggregate Industries
    Reconstructed stone walling developed to give the authentic appearance of squared and lightly dressed natural stone. Perfect for adding value and visual appeal to any commercial or domestic build Produced in moulds...
  • Aggregate Industries: Square Coursed Rubble
    Square Coursed Rubble
    Aggregate Industries
    A reconstructed stone walling which reproduces the characteristic horizontal stratum lines of natural stone found in northern counties. Perfect for adding value and visual appeal to any commercial or domestic build Offered...
  • Aggregate Industries: Screed™
    Aggregate Industries
    Screed™ is a range of cement bound products produced under factory conditions and available in a range of grades from C5 to C30. Screed is suitable for use above and below dpc and in areas that may be subjected to...
  • Aggregate Industries: Old Quarried
    Old Quarried
    Aggregate Industries
    Old Quarried slates have the characteristics of substantial square cut natural stone roofing. Readily available, highly acceptable reconstructed stone alternative to natural stone slates Simple range of diminishing courses...
  • Aggregate Industries: Hollowcore
    Aggregate Industries
    Charcon Construction Solutions Hollowcore flooring slabs are manufactured in 150mm, 200mm and 250mm deep profiles. We also offer a 100mm solid slab and they all achieve a 28 day strength of over 60N. Hollowcore provides an...
  • Aggregate Industries: Watertight™
    Aggregate Industries
    Watertight™ is a versatile range of specialised concretes designed to protect a structure from water ingress or to retain water within a structure. When compared to traditional methods of achieving watertight structures,...
  • Aggregate Industries: Masterlite® Pro
    Masterlite® Pro
    Aggregate Industries
    A range of high strength, robust, load bearing units for use in either internal or external walls. Available in solid format with a standard strength of 3.6N/mm2 and 7.3N/mm2 10.4 N/mm2 blocks are available subject to order...
  • Aggregate Industries: Diamondcrete®
    Aggregate Industries
    Diamondcrete® is a high-performance ready-mix concrete, providing fast-track solutions to many of the challenging aspects of construction, such as: rapid access (Diamondcrete RA); durable paving (Diamondcrete DP); chemical...
  • Aggregate Industries: Rough Dressed
    Rough Dressed
    Aggregate Industries
    Developed to give the authentic appearance of roughly dressed natural stone Perfect for adding value and visual appeal to any commercial or domestic build Produced in moulds originated from natural stone masters for a high...
  • Aggregate Industries: Highflow® S
    Highflow® S
    Aggregate Industries
    Highflow S provides you with a high performance fast track solution to the construction of screeded floors. The unique formulation, developed by us, presents significant advantages over traditional flooring screeds in terms...
  • Aggregate Industries: Masterlite® Ultra
    Masterlite® Ultra
    Aggregate Industries
    Masterlite® Ultra is a low-weight block designed for thermal efficiency and manual handling considerations: a range of lightweight, robust, load bearing units manufactured using Class 1 aggregate for fire resistance;...
  • Aggregate Industries: Masonry Block walling
    Masonry Block walling
    Aggregate Industries
    A simple and ingenious method of reproducing the appearance of traditional random rubble walling. Perfect for adding value and visual appeal to any commercial or domestic build Produced in moulds originated from natural...