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Bilco UK

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  • Bilco UK: LadderUp® safety post
    LadderUp® safety post
    Bilco UK
    The LadderUp® safety post extends the available hand holds on a fixed ladder, making it safer to exit or enter a roof hatch, floor door or manhole. A permanently mounted but retractable telescoping vertical post, LadderUp®...
  • Bilco UK: Type BL fixed vertical ladders in aluminium or steel
    Type BL fixed vertical ladders in aluminium or steel
    Bilco UK
    Type BL industrial standard fixed vertical ladder available to suit floor to ceiling heights of 2-6m (special sizes available upon request). The ladders are manufactured to meet the requirements of BS4211:2005 and are...
  • Bilco UK: Roof mounted walkways
    Roof mounted walkways
    Bilco UK
    Roof mounted walkways allow for safe and convenient access to roof top areas. Aluminium construction and manufactured following the recommendations of BS5395: Part 3. Standard and bespoke walkways designs are available. The...
  • Bilco UK: Fixed Vertical Ladder
    Fixed Vertical Ladder
    Bilco UK
    The Fixed Vertical Ladder is manufactured to industrial standards and is suitable for floor-to-ceiling heights of between 2.0 and 6.0m. It is available in aluminium or galvanised steel and is designed to meet the...
  • Bilco UK: Companionway fixed vertical ladder
    Companionway fixed vertical ladder
    Bilco UK
    Type BL-COMP companionway ladders are designed for use with Bilco Roof Access Hatches
  • Bilco UK: Stepover Ladders
    Stepover Ladders
    Bilco UK
    A stepover unit provides access over ducting, parapet walls, conduits or other roof obstructions. Complying with the Work at Height Regulations and, where applicable, BS5395: Part 3, stepover units give flexible access over...