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Bilco UK

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  • Bilco UK: Type TER architectural floor door
    Type TER architectural floor door
    Bilco UK
    Pit and floor doors provide access to equipment stored underground or below/between building floors. Products include drainage doors, non-drainage doors, doors that receive flooring materials, doors for interior...
  • Bilco UK: Type J-AL H-20 aluminium single-leaf floor door
    Type J-AL H-20 aluminium single-leaf floor door
    Bilco UK
    The Type J-AL H-20 single-leaf floor door is made from extruded aluminium diamond pattern plate that is reinforced to withstand an AASHTO H-20 wheel loading for vehicular traffic in off-street locations. It has a channel...
  • Bilco UK: Type JD-AL floor door
    Type JD-AL floor door
    Bilco UK
    The JD-AL floor door is widely used for equipment access from wastewater treatment works and pumping stations to biomass boilers and cellar access. These units are supplied with a threaded drain coupling fully welded to the...
  • Bilco UK: Visedge Series flexible floor access cover
    Visedge Series flexible floor access cover
    Bilco UK
    The Howe Green Visedge Series floor access covers are suitable for all types of flexible floor finish including vinyl, linoleum, rubber and some carpets to enable permanent, safe access to services concealed underneath.
  • Bilco UK: VersaMount® roof access hatch
    VersaMount® roof access hatch
    Bilco UK
    The VersaMount® is a thermally insulated roof access hatch for new construction retrofit or replacement applications: material: Cover and frame are 2.3mm aluminium; cover: hollow-metal design with 50mm concealed...
  • Bilco UK: Bil-Guard® 2.0 hatch railing system
    Bil-Guard® 2.0 hatch railing system
    Bilco UK
    Bil-Guard® 2.0 is an aluminium fixed hatch railing system which provides fall protection for roof hatch openings. It meets and exceeds OSHA fall protection regulations (29 CFR 1910.23): aluminum rail construction with clear...
  • Bilco UK: SKY-ACCESS sliding roof hatch and skylight
    SKY-ACCESS sliding roof hatch and skylight
    Bilco UK
    The SKY-ACCESS roof hatch and skylight provides access to roof areas along with natural daylighting. It has a unique sliding cover design which opens the cover in a smooth and controlled motion with just one push of a...
  • Bilco UK: Fixed Vertical Ladder
    Fixed Vertical Ladder
    Bilco UK
    The Fixed Vertical Ladder is manufactured to industrial standards and is suitable for floor-to-ceiling heights of between 2.0 and 6.0m. It is available in aluminium or galvanised steel and is designed to meet the...
  • Bilco UK: Companionway fixed vertical ladder
    Companionway fixed vertical ladder
    Bilco UK
    Type BL-COMP companionway ladders are designed for use with Bilco Roof Access Hatches
  • Bilco UK: Roof Edge Protection guardrails
    Roof Edge Protection guardrails
    Bilco UK
    Bilco's Roof Edge Protection system provides a permanent or temporary fall arrest solution that does not require mechanical attachment to the roof. This freestanding system overcomes the problems associated with permanent...
  • Bilco UK: Stepover Ladders
    Stepover Ladders
    Bilco UK
    A stepover unit provides access over ducting, parapet walls, conduits or other roof obstructions. Complying with the Work at Height Regulations and, where applicable, BS5395: Part 3, stepover units give flexible access over...
  • Bilco UK: Type CS-50TB roof access hatch
    Type CS-50TB roof access hatch
    Bilco UK
    Type CS-50TB roof access hatches are 760mm x 1500mm. The large size is ideal for installations where frequent use may be expected and permits easier movement of maintenance personnel, tools and equipment. Bilco has...
  • Bilco UK: Roof mounted walkways
    Roof mounted walkways
    Bilco UK
    Roof mounted walkways allow for safe and convenient access to roof top areas. Aluminium construction and manufactured following the recommendations of BS5395: Part 3. Standard and bespoke walkways designs are available. The...