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  • RHEINZINK: Sinusoidal (corrugated) profiles for facades
    Sinusoidal (corrugated) profiles for facades
    Corrugated profiles have a flowing sine shape, and therefore appear to be filigreed. The profile provides slight transitions of light and shadow, which are especially attractive on large surface areas. The profiles can be...
  • RHEINZINK: Special solutions cladding panel system
    Special solutions cladding panel system
    The Rheinzink Special Solutions System incorporates combinations and / or variations of its range of facade cladding products. The system is ideal for very large surfaces, which can be broken up and made more visually...
  • RHEINZINK: Cassette Type K 25 large format cladding panels
    Cassette Type K 25 large format cladding panels
    Rheinzink® Cassette Type K 25 large format cladding panels enable fast, cost-effective installation of facade and cladding systems. The four lateral edges of each profile are folded and they can be custom made for specific...
  • RHEINZINK: Click strip facade system
    Click strip facade system
    Rheinzinks innovative click strip system is a modern batten system - the oldest of the roof installation systems in use today. A clip-roll batten bracket is used to accommodate fasteners. These fastenings are covered with a...
  • RHEINZINK: Zinc roof drainage system with gutters and downpipes
    Zinc roof drainage system with gutters and downpipes
    The Rheinzink zinc roof drainage system includes a co-ordinated assortment of approximately 500 products. It offers a variety of designs, as well as individual design and application possibilities. The system includes...
  • RHEINZINK: Angled standing seam for facades
    Angled standing seam for facades
    RHEINZINK angled standing seam systems are used to join sections lengthwise. The system is characterised by the strong emphasis on seams, which are circa 12mm wide. Profile edging and seam closure is efficiently achieved...
  • RHEINZINK: Rheinzink roof drainage system
    Rheinzink roof drainage system
    Comprising over 500 parts, the Rheinzink roof drainage system is the most comprehensive on the market and caters for special requests, requirements or shapes. Our preweathered surfaces are unique worldwide with a uniform,...
  • RHEINZINK: Horizontal panels for facades
    Horizontal panels for facades
    Rheinzink horizontal panels are ideal for building facades where aesthetics are very important, although they are also used more and more for covering small surfaces such as parapets, dormers and fascias. Contrary to reveal...
  • RHEINZINK: Flat-Lock cladding tiles
    Flat-Lock cladding tiles
    RHEINZINK Flat-Lock rectangular cladding tiles are suitable for installation on large facades. In contrast to plates or shingles with a similar optical effect, they have tilt-outs on the upper side and tilt-backs on the...
  • RHEINZINK: Small format cladding tiles
    Small format cladding tiles
    Rheinzink small tiles are available in square and diamond rhombuses. Like the Rheinzink flat-lock tile, they have forward-facing edges on the top surface and backward-facing edges on the underside, forming simple lock...
  • RHEINZINK: Rheinzink Reveal panels for facades
    Rheinzink Reveal panels for facades
    The Reveal panel is available in a choice of bay widths from 200 to 333mm, and in variable joint widths from 0-30mm. They can be installed in diagonal, horizontal and vertical directions, and in combinations of these, giving...
  • RHEINZINK: Double-lock standing seam zinc roofing
    Double-lock standing seam zinc roofing
    RHEINZINK zinc double-lock standing seam roofing is a development of the original wooden seam / simple standing seam. It is suitable for roofs with a minimum 3° or 5% slope, and is popular for roofs with a slope of less than...
  • RHEINZINK: Shiplap cladding panels
    Shiplap cladding panels
    Rheinzink shiplap cladding panels are suited for facades with high aesthetic requirements, such as office buildings or public buildings with a modern, technical appearance. Shiplap panels can only be installed horizontally.
  • RHEINZINK: Click roll cap roofing system
    Click roll cap roofing system
    The Rheinzink® click roll cap roofing system is suitable for pitched roofs from 3° with no additional sealing required. With the system, courses and protective caps are produced ex works up to 6m in length, in a single...
  • RHEINZINK: Zinc accents for roofs and facades
    Zinc accents for roofs and facades
    Rheinzink offers feature accents on dormers, chimneys, gables, balconies, canopies and walls to help with architectural diversity. Rheinzink is compatible with virtually every other material because the reserved aesthetics...