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Delta Membrane Systems

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  • Delta Membrane Systems: DELTA® Geo-Drain Quattro drainage sheet
    DELTA® Geo-Drain Quattro drainage sheet
    Delta Membrane Systems
    DELTA® Geo-Drain Quattro is a compact four-ply drainage sheet for vertical construction applications. It is used for protection and waterproofing applications, both above and below ground. It comprises four layers: a...
  • Delta Membrane Systems: DELTA® PT waterproof membrane
    DELTA® PT waterproof membrane
    Delta Membrane Systems
    DELTA® PT is a high-performance polyethylene membrane that has been specially designed with damp control in mind. It is used to insulates and isolate damp and contaminated walls, vaults, and basements. DELTA® PT is...
  • Delta Membrane Systems: DELTA®-NP two-ply composite sheet drainage membrane
    DELTA®-NP two-ply composite sheet drainage membrane
    Delta Membrane Systems
    DELTA®-NP two-ply composite sheet drainage membranes are made from high density polyethylene. They have a high compressive strength and offer drainage and waterproofing for vertical and horiztonal appilications. DELTA®-NP...
  • Delta Membrane Systems: Aquaproof System tanking for water leak prevention
    Aquaproof System tanking for water leak prevention
    Delta Membrane Systems
    Aquaproof System is designed to prevent water leakage from tiled areas including wetrooms, shower areas, bathrooms and kitchens. It can be applied on a range of substrates including ply sheeting, shower tray formers,...
  • Delta Membrane Systems: DELTA® MS 20 20mm cavity membrane for floors and walls
    DELTA® MS 20 20mm cavity membrane for floors and walls
    Delta Membrane Systems
    DELTA® MS 20 is an HDPE, dimpled membrane with 20mm studs designed as a seepage layer for damp-proofing applications. DELTA® MS 20 is used to waterproof floors, walls and vaulted ceilings where high drainage capacities are...
  • Delta Membrane Systems: Type C cavity drain systems
    Type C cavity drain systems
    Delta Membrane Systems
    The Type C cavity drain system comprises a cavity drain membrane, drainage system, package pump and control system. It is a maintainable basement waterproofing solution for new-build basements, refurbishment and retrofit...
  • Delta Membrane Systems: DELTA ventilated damp proofing systems
    DELTA ventilated damp proofing systems
    Delta Membrane Systems
    DELTA ventilated waterproofing systems are recommended for above ground situations or in areas where no free running water is expected, for example where external pavements have been built up. Ventilated system have an air...
  • Delta Membrane Systems: Koster Repair Mortar NC
    Koster Repair Mortar NC
    Delta Membrane Systems
    Koster Repair Mortar NC can be used for structurally relevant repair and touch up of voids and for levelling of concrete defects. Repair Mortar NC is a repair mortar and plaster with excellent workability. It has a high...
  • Delta Membrane Systems: Koster KB-Fix 5
    Koster KB-Fix 5
    Delta Membrane Systems
    Koster KB-Fix 5 is an extremely fast setting waterproof and weatherproof mortar. Koster KB-Fix 5 is intended for swift filling of holes and cracks in plaster and masonry, for anchoring wall anchors, anchor fittings, brackets...
  • Delta Membrane Systems: Combination structural waterproofing
    Combination structural waterproofing
    Delta Membrane Systems
    Combination waterproofing systems can offer optimal structural protection against water ingress. BS8102:2009 offers guidance on 3 types of Below Ground Level Waterproofing Systems used in the United Kingdom. These are...
  • Delta Membrane Systems: DualProof pre-applied waterproofing membrane
    DualProof pre-applied waterproofing membrane
    Delta Membrane Systems
    DualProof is a fully and permanently bonded, self-adhesive composite sheet for waterproofing and protecting against gases and chemicals. It consists of a sealed two-layer, highly flexible PVC membrane laminated with a...
  • Delta Membrane Systems: Köster PUR Gel
    Köster PUR Gel
    Delta Membrane Systems
    KÖSTER PUR Gel is a solvent-free, water activated polyurethane gel. Depending on the amount of water added, a highly elastic, waterproof gel or respectively hydro-gel foam is formed. After it has reacted in dilutions up to...
  • Delta Membrane Systems: KÖSTER KD System – Waterstop waterproofing system
    KÖSTER KD System – Waterstop waterproofing system
    Delta Membrane Systems
    The KÖSTER KD System stops active water ingress and safely seals off pressurised water from the negative side. It is resistant to salts which are harmful to the building structure, and to aggressive substances which are...
  • Delta Membrane Systems: KÖSTER 21 solvent-free waterproofer
    KÖSTER 21 solvent-free waterproofer
    Delta Membrane Systems
    KÖSTER 21 is a 2-component, solvent-free, liquid applied, elastic, crack bridging waterproofing material that provides excellent adhesion to dry and moist substrates: liquid-applied - it is seamless, easing application to...
  • Delta Membrane Systems: Koster Injection Gel G4
    Koster Injection Gel G4
    Delta Membrane Systems
    Koster Injection Gel 4 is a low viscosity acrylic gel for curtain injection and injection into masonry in order to seal the mortar joints against water ingress. Can be applied in special waterproofing projects, like tunnels,...