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Component Developments

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  • Component Developments: Corner Guard Crash Protection
    Corner Guard Crash Protection
    Component Developments
    1000 Series stainless steel corner guards provides surface protection wherever corners and edges are vulnerable to impact damage. Profiles are designed to suit a wide range of wall finishes including tiles, fair-face block...
  • Component Developments: 2000 Series Buffer Rail
    2000 Series Buffer Rail
    Component Developments
    Component Developments supplies crash rails for commercial and industrial use. These mid-wall crash rails offer a good form of wall protection from being hit or scuffed from trolleys, etc. The product has been used...
  • Component Developments: Stainless Steel Crash Skirting
    Stainless Steel Crash Skirting
    Component Developments
    8000 Series stainless steel skirtings provide protection for the base of walls from passing trolleys, pallet trucks or forklift traffic They create a hygienic barrier between the wall and the floor in places such as food...
  • Component Developments: Impact Protection Bollards
    Impact Protection Bollards
    Component Developments
    8500 stainless steel bollards are ideal for use in industrial applications to protect walls or stock against impact forklifts, trolleys or pallet trucks. The bollards can either be bolted to the existing floor or sunk into...
  • Component Developments: Impact protection crash rails
    Impact protection crash rails
    Component Developments
    8600 series low crash rails are ideal for protecting walls in industrial warehouses against impact from vehicles and pallet trucks. They are also suitable for creating a protective, blocked-off area that surrounds products...