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  • Safesite: Ladder Accessories
    Ladder Accessories
    Safesite’s range of ladder accessores are designed to overcome the dangers associated with working off ladders. The range provides simple and effective protection by securing the ladder properly to prevent it from slipping...
  • Safesite: Mobile Valley Frame for fragile roof access
    Mobile Valley Frame for fragile roof access
    Safesite's Mobile Valley Frame provides short-term protection for those working on fragile or industrial roofs and can be used when life lines or guardrails are not available. The system is extremely compact, portable and...
  • Safesite: Fragile Roof Access Board-Walk
    Fragile Roof Access Board-Walk
    Board-Walk from Safesite is a portable open mesh walkway system which provides access from the eaves to ridge by spreading the weight load across the support battens. Manufactured from high-grade aluminium materials,...
  • Safesite: Kee Walk® anti-slip rooftop walkway
    Kee Walk® anti-slip rooftop walkway
    Kee Walk® can be used on flat, barrel and sloping roofs. The system's step and traverse options allow access to be created for virtually any roof configuration from 0-35°. Kee Walk® can be either free-standing or fixed to...
  • Safesite: Kee Walk® rooftop walkway with guardrail
    Kee Walk® rooftop walkway with guardrail
    Kee Walk® with guardrail is suitable for areas where workers are exposed to an unprotected edge whilst accessing, egressing or working on a roof. It provides a defined, anti-slip route across the roof with the addition of a...
  • Safesite: Bespoke step-overs for safe roof access
    Bespoke step-overs for safe roof access
    Bespoke step-overs can be designed bespoke to provide safe access over pipework, conduits, plant equipment or to accommodate changes in level. Modular in design, they are constructed from Kee Klamp® and Kee Lite® fittings...
  • Safesite: Bespoke access platforms
    Bespoke access platforms
    Safesite can design static custom platforms to meet site-specific requirements and to provide a safe working platform where off-the-shelf systems are not suitable. Bespoke access platforms provide safe access over pipework,...
  • Safesite: Fragile Roof Access Roof-Walk
    Fragile Roof Access Roof-Walk
    Roof-Walk is A fully guarded rolling work platform mounted onto twin tracks which allows workers to move freely and safely up and down the roof. The system is ideal for use on fragile roofs, and provides a safe working...