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Fall arrest products include horizontal and vertical systems, and rope access and harness equipment.

KeeLine® Horizontal Lifeline System provides fall arrest protection for areas where guardrails are not suitable or for when a virtually invisible solution is required.  Complete 'handsfree' fall protection is provided throughout the system, when the user comes across a bracket, the link device which attaches them to the system simply glides over the bracket without the need to detach from the lifeline system.  Ideal for providing fall arrest protection where guardrails are not suitable or for when a virtually invisible solution is required.

Mobile Man Anchor provides short term safety for low frequency operations.  Currently the lightest unit on the market, the mobile man anchor can be used on all roof membranes, in both wet and dry weather.   Typical use is as a fall restraint system, but can be used as a fall arrest system as a last resort or after careful consideration.  In this situation the unit must be used in conjunction with a shock absorbing rope grab device.  A series of Mobile Man Anchors can also be connected using the KeeLine® system.  This provides fall restraint protection while travelling between units, and fall arrest once disconnected from the lifeline and connected directly to an individual anchor.

Vertical Fall Arrest systems provide safety when accessing structures such as masts, gantries, silos and ladders.  The Railok track based system allows users to move freely along a structure.  If they fall, the fall is arrested and they simply adjust their footing before continuing.  Cabloc is for use where wind loading prevents the use of Railok or for instances where a track system would hinder the general use of the system. Cabloc comprises a vertical tensioned cable system clamped to the top of the ladder and an arrestor device which is connected to the cable and via a karabiner to the user's harness.

Hercule horizontal fall arrest is an closed track system which caters for low ground clearance making it ideal for industrial environments, warehouses, loading bays and vehicle/aircraft maintenance areas.   The system incorporates a lightweight trolley with sealed bearings which allows the workers to move freely and 'handsfree' along the length of the system.

In addition to above fall arrest products, Safesite also supplies and installs freestanding guardrail, demarcation, rooflight covers, mobile valley frames which are ideal for maintenance work on valleys, northern lights, box gutter details or on fragile roofs and Kee Walk® rooftopwalkway which is a freestanding walkway system for access to and across roofs.

System components Anchors
Suitability Access ladders
Flat roofs
Pitched roofs
Installation Permanent
Product accreditation BS 7883:2005
BS EN 365:2004
BS EN 795:1997

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