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  • Safesite: KeeGuard® free-standing roof edge guardrail system
    KeeGuard® free-standing roof edge guardrail system
    The KeeGuard® collective protection range includes standard vertical, raked, radiused and folding systems. It is designed to provide permanent edge protection for areas where regular access is required for maintenance and...
  • Safesite: KeeGuard® Premium free-standing roof edge guardrail
    KeeGuard® Premium free-standing roof edge guardrail
    Safesite's KeeGuard® Premium collective fall protection system overcomes the trip hazards encountered with traditional free-standing cantilevered systems by eliminating the need for off-set counterweights. This reduces the...
  • Safesite: KeeGuard® Topfix metal roof edge protection
    KeeGuard® Topfix metal roof edge protection
    KeeGuard® Topfix is available in either galvanised or aluminium options. A base plate with multiple fixing centres is fixed directly on to the profile sheeting by either rivets or non-penetrative two-part clamps, and a butyl...
  • Safesite: Fragile Roof Access Roof-Walk
    Fragile Roof Access Roof-Walk
    Roof-Walk is A fully guarded rolling work platform mounted onto twin tracks which allows workers to move freely and safely up and down the roof. The system is ideal for use on fragile roofs, and provides a safe working...
  • Safesite: Kee Walk® rooftop walkway with guardrail
    Kee Walk® rooftop walkway with guardrail
    Kee Walk® with guardrail is suitable for areas where workers are exposed to an unprotected edge whilst accessing, egressing or working on a roof. It provides a defined, anti-slip route across the roof with the addition of a...
  • Safesite: Bespoke access platforms
    Bespoke access platforms
    Safesite can design static custom platforms to meet site-specific requirements and to provide a safe working platform where off-the-shelf systems are not suitable. Bespoke access platforms provide safe access over pipework,...
  • Safesite: Mobile Valley Frame for fragile roof access
    Mobile Valley Frame for fragile roof access
    Safesite's Mobile Valley Frame provides short-term protection for those working on fragile or industrial roofs and can be used when life lines or guardrails are not available. The system is extremely compact, portable and...
  • Safesite: Hercule Horizontal Fall Arrest
    Hercule Horizontal Fall Arrest
    Safesite’s Hercule horizontal fall arrest track system is designed for situations where low ground clearance means conventional fall arrest solutions are not suitable, making it ideal for installation in industrial...
  • Safesite: Fragile Roof Access Board-Walk
    Fragile Roof Access Board-Walk
    Board-Walk from Safesite is a portable open mesh walkway system which provides access from the eaves to ridge by spreading the weight load across the support battens. Manufactured from high-grade aluminium materials,...
  • Safesite: Kee Dome Rooflight Fall Protection
    Kee Dome Rooflight Fall Protection
    Free standing fall protection solution for those working near to fragile rooflights and skylights. The Kee Dome® free standing fall protection range has been designed specifically to provide protection for people accessing...
  • Safesite: Kee i-bolt fall protection anchors
    Kee i-bolt fall protection anchors
    The Kee i-bolt® range of Class A1 anchor devices provides effective fall protection when carrying out external work such as window cleaning from inside a building. The range comprises Ringanka® fixed eyebolts and Keyanka®...
  • Safesite: Ladder Accessories
    Ladder Accessories
    Safesite’s range of ladder accessores are designed to overcome the dangers associated with working off ladders. The range provides simple and effective protection by securing the ladder properly to prevent it from slipping...
  • Safesite: Kee Cover® rooflight protection
    Kee Cover® rooflight protection
    The Kee Cover® range of rooflight protection has been designed specifically for use on metal profile roofs. It provides an effective solution for protecting rooflights and skylights without blocking the light into the...
  • Safesite: Modular demarcation system
    Modular demarcation system
    Safesite’s demarcation system is a cost-effective solution for providing demarcation around plant / equipment and fragile materials, or as an economical solution to guardrail when placed at least 2m from the roof edge.
  • Safesite: Mobile man anchor
    Mobile man anchor
    Safesite’s mobile man anchor is designed specifically to provide short-term safety for low frequency work such as maintenance to plant and equipment on roofs. This portable deadweight is compact, easy to assemble and weighs...