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The A. Proctor Group has been developing vapour permeable membranes and vapour control layers for over 25 years and have condensation control solutions for all areas of the building envelope.

Moisture vapour will pass through the various layers of any construction by both convection and diffusion. The objective is to ensure, by design, that the moisture vapour can disperse to the outside atmosphere without being cooled to below dewpoint temperature, thus eliminating condensation and associated problems such as mould growth.

Our technical services include condensation risk assessments for individual projects to confirm suitability of our membrane systems.

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  • Roofshield -BS5534 FAQ
    Roofshield -BS5534 FAQ
    2pp 515.36KB
  • Roofshield Brochure
    Roofshield Brochure
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  • Roofshield Detail Strip datasheet
    Roofshield Detail Strip datasheet
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  • Roofshield Performance Specification
    Roofshield Performance Specification
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