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Marshalls plc

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Marshalls plc is a leading UK manufacturer and supplier of hard landscaping and building products for the built environment. The product portfolio falls into five broad categories: concrete paving; natural stone products; water management products; protective street furniture; brick and masonry products. Products are backed by design services and... Read more
  • Marshalls plc: Cromwell reconstructed stone walling
    Marshalls plc: Thistlestone reconstructed stone walling
    Marshalls plc: Darlstone - reconstructed buff stone walling
    Marshalls plc: Epoch reconstituted stone walling
    Marshalls plc: Marshalls UK block stone for masonry
    Marshalls plc: Doddington Block Stone - pink, fine-grained sandstone

    Marshalls plc

    Building stone

    Reconstituted stone walling for housing and commercial projects....
  • Marshalls plc: Marshalls concrete facing bricks
    Marshalls plc: Marshalls concrete engineering bricks
    Marshalls plc: Marshalls dense concrete common bricks
    Marshalls plc: Marshalls concrete coursing bricks

    Marshalls plc


  • Marshalls plc: Marshalls architectural cast stone

    Marshalls plc

    Architectural dressings

  • Marshalls plc

    Building blocks

    Reconstructed walling stone suitable for all types of building, from prestigious housing to commercial offices, industrial warehouses and retail outlets. Traditional and modern styles. Each range has its own distinct character and appearance. All blocks offer high technical performance, durability and strength, and different combinations of stone...
  • Marshalls plc

    Precast concrete

    Large circular chambers for manhole or segmental construction, manufacturing chamber rings up to 3000mm that comply with BS EN 1917:2002 and BS 5911-3:2002, as well as 3660mm and 4000mm which are not covered by the British Standard but comply with all the relevant provisions of the British Standard. To go with these Marshalls produce a variety of...
  • Marshalls plc

    Structural waterproofing

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