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Kee Safety

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  • Kee Safety: BoxBolt blind cavity fixing for steelwork, CE marked
    BoxBolt blind cavity fixing for steelwork, CE marked
    Kee Safety
    BoxBolt is a fully tested and approved blind cavity fixing system that is suitable for connecting to hollow or general steelwork sections, or where access is restricted to one side. BoxBolt features a hexagon head design for...
  • Kee Safety: BeamClamp® FloorFix
    BeamClamp® FloorFix
    Kee Safety
    BeamClamp FloorFix fixings are designed for positioning chequer or durbar plate on steelwork without the need for time-consuming welding or drilling of the supporting structure. They allow the connection to be made without...
  • Kee Safety: Fast-Fit™ steel-to-steel connection system
    Fast-Fit™ steel-to-steel connection system
    Kee Safety
    Fast-Fit™ is an off-the-shelf engineered clamping solution to connect two steel sections together without the need for on-site drilling or welding. All that is required to secure two sections together comes in one box. The...