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  • Westgate: Easifilm Bomb Blast window film
    Easifilm Bomb Blast window film
    Easifilm Bomb Blast window film protects employees and furnishings from flying shards of glass in the event of an explosion. It also offers the same benefits as Westgate security film. In low risk areas, the expense of bomb...
  • Westgate: Fastflex® fast action industrial doors
    Fastflex® fast action industrial doors
    Fastflex® fast action industrial doors are simple, reliable and effective. They offer high-speed, fully automatic operation for openings where regular, fast, unrestricted access is required. These energy saving doors are...
  • Westgate: Flexidoor® hinged crash doors
    Flexidoor® hinged crash doors
    Flexidoor® crash doors are designed for light internal traffic access. The door panels are made with a 12mm flexible rubber with a PVC vision panel for increased safety. Flexidoors® operate by a simple spring mechanism which...
  • Westgate: Flexistrip® PVC strip curtains
    Flexistrip® PVC strip curtains
    Flexistrip® PVC strip curtains and doors are tailor-made for doorways where frequent access and good visibility are required to minimise heat loss and as a barrier against bad weather: reduce heat or conditioned air loss –...
  • Westgate: Easifilm Anti-Glare window film
    Easifilm Anti-Glare window film
    Easifilm Anti-Glare window film can reduce unwanted glare by up to 90%. Westgate offers a wide range of light and dark grade tinted films and matt films to reduce summer and winter glare, reducing eyestrain and providing...
  • Westgate: Anchorwall® steel partitioning
    Anchorwall® steel partitioning
    The Anchorwall® Steel range consists of single- and double-skin partitioning, acoustic partitioning, and mesh partitioning. These can be easily and quickly dismantled for relocation or modified to suit changing requirements.
  • Westgate: Easifilm Safety window film
    Easifilm Safety window film
    Easifilm Safety window film holds glass together safely in event of a breakage and is a convenient, economical way to upgrade existing glass to comply with Health & Safety Workplace Regulation 14 and Building Regulation Part...
  • Westgate: Easifilm Anti-Fade window film
    Easifilm Anti-Fade window film
    Easifilm Anti-Fade window film filters out over 99.6% UV radiation, which is the main cause of fading. The film meets the requirements of BS 5454 for archival storage and are approved by The National Trust and National...
  • Westgate: Hoardfast® Budget PVC temporary hoarding
    Hoardfast® Budget PVC temporary hoarding
    Hoardfast Budget PVC is a basic, quick to install, modular, fixed, floorto-ceiling internal screening system. Panels are available in a range of heights and can be easily configured to create a temporary internal partition...
  • Westgate: Hoardfast® Standard PVC temporary internal hoarding
    Hoardfast® Standard PVC temporary internal hoarding
    Hoardfast® Standard PVC is a fast, temporary, free-standing modular screen used during renovation and fit out works. A range of systems is available using PVC and steel-faced panels for various fire ratings and acoustic...
  • Westgate: Flexiwall® industrial partition
    Flexiwall® industrial partition
    The Flexiwall® partition is an advanced, relocatable industrial partition that is ideal for taller, larger buildings. It is regularly used in the warehousing and manufacturing sectors, including food, vehicle and...
  • Westgate: Flexiscreen® temporary industrial screen
    Flexiscreen® temporary industrial screen
    Flexiscreen®, a variation of Flexiwall®, is designed as a temporary building screen. It is made of tough, flexible, lightweight and fire-retardant material panels which are hung from existing steelwork and tensioned using...
  • Westgate: Flexicurtain® retractable industrial screens
    Flexicurtain® retractable industrial screens
    Flexicurtain® is ideal for dividing areas of a building where regular access is required, or where only occasional segregation is required. Typical applications include preventing cross-contamination, containing dust and...
  • Westgate: Flamescreen® steel-faced temporary screening system
    Flamescreen® steel-faced temporary screening system
    Flamescreen® is a quick fit, modular steel-faced temporary screening system designed for use in areas requiring a flame retardant surface to EN 13501-1:2008 (Fire reaction B s2 d0) PIR Foam. The 35mm tongue and groove panels...
  • Westgate: Hoardfast® Firescreen fire-safe temporary screening
    Hoardfast® Firescreen fire-safe temporary screening
    Firescreen® is a modular steel-faced fire-safe panelling system designed to offer 60 minutes fire integrity and insulation. The mineral wool filled panels slot together easily with a tongue and groove fixture. Panels are...