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Marldon UK

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  • Marldon UK: Logic floor levelling system
    Logic floor levelling system
    Marldon UK
    Logic floor levelling systems provide an easy way of levelling floor battens, solving the problem of uneven subfloors and varying floor depths with a distinctive dual-height cradle design. They accommodate floor levels from...
  • Marldon UK: New Era flooring cradles
    New Era flooring cradles
    Marldon UK
    Havwoods Accessories cradles provide batten support, floor levelling and a semi-sprung resilient performance, as well as noise reduction. The system comprises cradles and cradle packers, raising floors between 70 and 435mm.
  • Marldon UK: Greenbats™ undercarriage battens
    Greenbats™ undercarriage battens
    Marldon UK
    Greenbats™ undercarriage battens are kiln dried and pressure treated, help raise floor levels, and can be laid loose over a DPM. The battens are available plain or foam-backed. Foam-backed battens give excellent sound...