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Marldon UK

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  • Marldon UK: Greenbats™ undercarriage battens
    Greenbats™ undercarriage battens
    Marldon UK
    Greenbats™ undercarriage battens are kiln dried and pressure treated, help raise floor levels, and can be laid loose over a DPM. The battens are available plain or foam-backed. Foam-backed battens give excellent sound...
  • Marldon UK: New Era flooring cradles
    New Era flooring cradles
    Marldon UK
    Havwoods Accessories cradles provide batten support, floor levelling and a semi-sprung resilient performance, as well as noise reduction. The system comprises cradles and cradle packers, raising floors between 70 and 435mm.
  • Marldon UK: MARLDON smoothing/levelling compound MXS110 - 25kg bag
    MARLDON smoothing/levelling compound MXS110 - 25kg bag
    Marldon UK
    A single component, high-strength smoothing compound for levelling uneven subfloors: rapid setting and curing time, pump applicable; low VOC; suitable for underfloor heating. 5m2 at a thicknesses of 3mm