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  • Architectural Street Furnishings: ASF SBD welded mesh gates and cages
    ASF SBD welded mesh gates and cages
    Architectural Street Furnishings
    ASF manufactures gated cages, panels and railing systems using Secured by Design approved meshes: SBD approved materials; bespoke manufacture in accordance with SBD guidleines; anti-theft fixings; locks can be manufactured...
  • MMA Architectural Systems: Jakob Webnet stainless steel wire mesh system
    Jakob Webnet stainless steel wire mesh system
    MMA Architectural Systems
    MMA Architectural manufactures stainless steel wire mesh and rope systems for a wide range of applications, including balustrading, animal enclosures, art forms, plant supports, safety nets, fencing and aviaries. Webnet is a...
  • PlastOk Group: Multi-layer sintered metal mesh
    Multi-layer sintered metal mesh
    PlastOk Group
    Several layers of woven mesh are sintered together to form an integrated, porous filter medium. Coarse meshes support a drainage mesh overlaid by the accurately woven filtration mesh, which is in turn protected from...
  • PlastOk Group: Woven wire mesh
    Woven wire mesh
    PlastOk Group
    PlastOk supplies woven wire mesh, cut from the roll, usually ex stock. Materials are usually stainless steel 304 and 316, but the company can also supply copper and brass, as well as more exotic metals where the woven wire...