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  • Don & Low: MultiTX® Plus roofing underlay for pitched roofs
    MultiTX® Plus roofing underlay for pitched roofs
    Don & Low
    MultiTX® Plus is a 3-layer, high vapour resistance air and liquid barrier roofing underlay specifically designed as a modern, cost effective and lightweight alternative to traditional bituminous based felts (BS 747, 1F).
  • Don & Low: RoofTX® CONSEAL tape underlay
    RoofTX® CONSEAL tape underlay
    Don & Low
    RoofTX® CONSEAL is an integral tape underlay, specifically used to seal horizontal laps thus contributing to increased thermal efficiency by reducing air infiltration and convective heat loss. It also improves wind uplift...
  • Don & Low: Roofshield® vapour and air permeable roofing underlay
    Roofshield® vapour and air permeable roofing underlay
    Don & Low
    Roofshield®, launched in 1996, is a unique, three-layer, polypropylene spunbond nonwoven, with a patented Meltblown core. Designed specifically as a low resistance (LR), vapour and air permeable roofing underlay, Roofshield®...
  • Don & Low: RoofTX® vapour permeable roofing underlays
    RoofTX® vapour permeable roofing underlays
    Don & Low
    The RoofTX® range is a series of 3-layer low resistance (LR), vapour permeable air barrier roofing underlays which allow the passage of moisture whilst also resisting the penetration of air. Specifically designed to allow...
  • Permo® air breathable roof underlay
    Permo® air is a breathable, open, low-resistance underlay that is suitable for cold and warm roof applications, or where there is a high risk of condensation forming in roof spaces. Permo® air is a strong three-layer...
  • Sepa® forte non-breathable roofing underlay
    Sepa® forte is a three-layer non-breathable roofing underlay for use on pitched roofs. Manufactured from non-woven spunbonded polypropylene, it has a blue outer surface and a dark grey inner surface. Features: strong,...
  • Permo® forte breathable roof underlay
    Permo® forte is an extremely strong, four-layer vapour permeable underlay with a built-in safety grid. It is suitable for all cold and warm pitched roofs. Permo® forte consists of a strong laminated sheet material, with...
  • EVALON® single ply roofing membrane
    ICB (International Construction Bureau)
    EVALON® roofing membranes from alwitra® are versatile, hard wearing single ply membranes. Suitable for any shape of roofing as part of either new build or refurbishment projects, it offers green high performance to users.
  • EUROTOP N 35 breathable roofing underlay
    Fakro GB
    EUROTOP N 35 is an excellent material for use as a fully supported or unsupported roof underlay on tiled or slated pitched roofs constructed in accordance with the relevant clauses of BS 5534:2003. EUROTOP N 35 may be used...