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  • Addagrip Terraco: PU Floor Green Line designer resin flooring
    PU Floor Green Line designer resin flooring
    Addagrip Terraco
    PU Floor Green Line is a polyurethane resin floor that is suitable for domestic, commercial retail or office applications. It has high elasticity and its colour pigmentation provides a versatile bespoke finish. It is...
  • Addagrip Terraco: PU Addaflake internal decorative flooring
    PU Addaflake internal decorative flooring
    Addagrip Terraco
    PU Addaflake from Addagrip is a fast-curing base and top coat system. The fast-curing polyurethane coloured base coat is designed to hold a blend of coloured paint flakes overcoated with our UV stable matt or gloss top coats...
  • Addagrip Terraco: Addazing designer resin flooring
    Addazing designer resin flooring
    Addagrip Terraco
    Addazing decorative designer flooring incorporates metallic and/or pearlescent pigments. Each floor, mix and finish is completely unique. The latest trend in refurbishment and individuality has broadened the appeal for...
  • Marldon UK: MARLDON smoothing/levelling compound MXS110 - 25kg bag
    MARLDON smoothing/levelling compound MXS110 - 25kg bag
    Marldon UK
    A single component, high-strength smoothing compound for levelling uneven subfloors: rapid setting and curing time, pump applicable; low VOC; suitable for underfloor heating. 5m2 at a thicknesses of 3mm
  • Addagrip Terraco: Addaflor impact-resistant resin flooring
    Addaflor impact-resistant resin flooring
    Addagrip Terraco
    Addaflor resin flooring provides a tough, chemical-resistant floor finish. The chemical interaction between the two component parts creates a surface that can be stronger than concrete due to the way resin combines with and...
  • Addagrip Terraco: Addatex Stone Carpet epoxy resin flooring
    Addatex Stone Carpet epoxy resin flooring
    Addagrip Terraco
    Addatex Stone Carpet is a mix of natural and synthetic aggregates bound in a clear epoxy resin. It provides a highly decorative and versatile floor finish for showrooms, offices, museums, receptions, or even living rooms.
  • Addagrip Terraco: EP Addalevel SL2K self-levelling resin flooring
    EP Addalevel SL2K self-levelling resin flooring
    Addagrip Terraco
    Addalevel SL2K self-levelling flooring is a seamless pigmented system based on a solvent free epoxy resin compound with a special filler. It is suitable for use on new and old concrete floors. It provides a smooth,...
  • Derbyshire Specialist Aggregates: Terrazzo flooring
    Terrazzo flooring
    Derbyshire Specialist Aggregates
    Derbyshire Aggregates offers aggregates that can be used for terrazzo flooring. These are made from Spanish White Dolomite or marble. Supplied in bulk bags, loose, or tankers.
  • Aggregate Industries: Highflow® S
    Highflow® S
    Aggregate Industries
    Highflow S provides you with a high performance fast track solution to the construction of screeded floors. The unique formulation, developed by us, presents significant advantages over traditional flooring screeds in terms...
  • Watco UK: Flowtop® Advanced concrete resurfacer
    Flowtop® Advanced concrete resurfacer
    Watco UK
    Restore your rough or damaged concrete floor to its original condition in a hassle-free way by simply pouring a new floor with Flowtop® Advanced concrete resurfacer. The kit includes everything required – just prime, mix and...
  • Aggregate Industries: LytaScreed®
    Aggregate Industries
    LytaScreed is one of the most versatile screed products available to the UK market. Used extensively within the iconic buildings above providing key design benefits throughout. LytaScreed Topped is comprised of a cement...
  • Saint-Gobain Weber: weber.floor 4160 fine flow rapid fast-drying screed
    weber.floor 4160 fine flow rapid fast-drying screed
    Saint-Gobain Weber
    weber.floor 4160 fine flow rapid fast-drying screed is designed for levelling and smoothing concrete floor substrates. It is formulated from aluminous ement, sand, additional binder and chemical admixtures, and is slag and...
  • Watco UK: Flowtop pourable self-smoothing leveller
    Flowtop pourable self-smoothing leveller
    Watco UK
    Flowtop pourable self-smoothing leveller is designed for resurfacing damaged or rough concrete surfaces. It contains polyamide fibres that reinforce the micro-structure, making it strong and highly resistant to shocks and...
  • Aggregate Industries: Screed™
    Aggregate Industries
    Screed™ is a range of cement bound products produced under factory conditions and available in a range of grades from C5 to C30. Screed is suitable for use above and below dpc and in areas that may be subjected to...
  • Gaysha: Clearmac® Quartz flooring system
    Clearmac® Quartz flooring system
    Clearmac® Quartz is a seamless quartz-based flooring system suitable for application both indoors and out, which is ideal for houses, offices, showrooms, health spas, pool/hot tub surrounds and garages. Clearmac® Quartz...