Hygienic cladding for use on walls and ceilings in hospitals, care homes, food preparation facilities and laboratories on BUILDING DESIGN. Helping you find the best product for your project.
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  • Construction Specialties: CS Acrovyn® Hydroclad smooth sheet wall covering
    CS Acrovyn® Hydroclad smooth sheet wall covering
    Construction Specialties
    Acrovyn®Hydroclad is a smooth wall cladding, which provides a hygienic and impact resistance surface for internal walls. Proven on thousands of walls throughout the UK, Acrovyn® Hydroclad is particularly suitable for...
  • Altro Whiterock White uPVC wall cladding
    Altro Whiterock Extruded uPVC is a cost-effective sheet extruded from a high quality, food safe, uPVC polymer for operating temperatures up to 60°C. It is easy to clean, impact resistant and grout-free. It meets all current...
  • BioClad antimicrobial PVC hygienic wall cladding
    Advanced Hygienic Contracting
    BioClad® is a PVC wall cladding system that incorporates BioCote® silver ion antimicrobial technology. Silver ion technology is a safe, natural antimicrobial that is added at the point of manufacture, meaning that it is...
  • BioClad Pastels antimicrobial PVC wall cladding
    Advanced Hygienic Contracting
    BioClad Pastels antimicrobial PVC wall cladding is extremely versatile and can be easily installed into most buildings provided the walls are level and flat. It is available in a choice of white, cream, linen, green, sea...
  • Polyclad Plus PU hygienic wall and ceiling cladding
    Polyclad Plus PU wall and ceiling cladding is available in 2.0mm sheet with a polyurethane surface treatment. The surface features a subtle marbleised decoration. It is designed to be welded to Polyflor floorcoverings,...
  • Polyclad™ Pro PU for wet and hygiene-critical areas
    Polyclad Pro PU is a durable &flexible vinyl wall and ceiling cladding. It offers the protection of a polyurethane surface treatment. it is available in 6 soft pastel shades and features a marbleised decoration, Polyclad Pro...
  • Puracore™ cleanroom panel system
    Gilcrest Manufacturing
    The Puracore™ cleanroom panel system provides proven, practical and specialist solutions for all clean room design & build criteria. Puracore™ designs and applications span all classes of environmental cleanliness from Class...
  • Be-Plas Elite PVC hygienic wall cladding sheets
    Beplas Hygienic Walls and Ceilings
    Elite PVC sheets offer a cost effective and versatile hygienic wall covering for a wide variety of environments. A selection of warm pastel options are available to complement existing colour schemes, particularly in more...