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  • Euroclad: Vieo traditional warm seam roof system
    Vieo traditional warm seam roof system
    The Vieo warm roof system embraces the fundamentals of modern metal roofing with inherent thermal performance provided by RocSlab insulation, whilst the outer sheet provides the look of a traditional pitched roof. The...
  • Euroclad: Vieo traditional cold seam roof system
    Vieo traditional cold seam roof system
    The Vieo cold roof system has been developed specifically for use on traditional pitched roofs. It is compatible with timber frames used in the majority of homes and many large buildings. The quality of materials and...
  • AS35 insulated roof cladding panels
    A Steadman
    The AS35 panels consists of two coated steel profiles bonded to a core of PIR insulation; they can be used to form roofs down to a pitch of 4°. AS35 insulated panels consist of a core of polyisocyanurate (PIR) insulation...
  • Trisomet® 333 insulated roof and wall panels system
    Tata Steel
    The Trisomet® 333 pre-finished, insulated roof and wall panel system has a trapezoidal profile. It offers an attractive, single-fix system that reduces installation time. The panels are filled with closed cell foam, which...
  • Kingspan Kingzip® standing seam insulated roofing panel
    Kingspan Insulated Panels
    Kingzip Insulated standing seam panels are through fixed roof panels, which can be used for all building applications, where the roof slope is 1.5°or more. They have a Green Guide A+ rating according to the BRE Global ‘Green...
  • Kingspan KR curved insulated roof panel
    Kingspan Insulated Panels
    Kingspan CR curved insulated roof panels are through-fixed roof panels, which can be used for building applications where the minimum radius of the roof is 150m. They offer fast, single fix installation, reliable thermal...
  • Trimoterm SNV fire-proof insulated roof panel
    Trimo UK
    Trimoterm SNV fire-proof panels are suitable for roofs with inclines exceeding 3 degrees, on office buildings, commercial centres, cultural institutions and industrial facilities. They are made from a lower shallow and upper...