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  • TVS Acoustics: TVS ABSorb Baffles
    TVS ABSorb Baffles
    TVS Acoustics
    TVS ABSorb Baffle is a lightweight, semi-rigid interior acoustic panel with sound absorbing properties. Designed with solid colour throughout, it is ideal for interior solutions where design and aesthetics are important:...
  • TVS Acoustics: TVS ABSorb Raft
    TVS ABSorb Raft
    TVS Acoustics
    TVS ABSorb Raft is a frameless acoustic raft designed to absorb sound and achieve an optimum level of acoustic comfort, by preventing echo and reverberation and ensuring enhanced speech intelligibility: wide variety of...
  • TVS Acoustics: TVS ABSorb Sport acoustic absorber panels
    TVS ABSorb Sport acoustic absorber panels
    TVS Acoustics
    TVS ABSorb Sport Panels are impact-resistant, Class A acoustic absorbers for applications such as sports halls, five-a-side pitches, gyms and event centres. Extensive impact testing ensures they are suitable for use within...
  • TVS Acoustics: TVS ABSorb Cubes
    TVS ABSorb Cubes
    TVS Acoustics
    TVS ABSorb Cubes provide a unique and attractive way to reduce the reverberation time of a space. They are ideal for applications where wallspace is of a minimum, and particularly useful within large, high ceilinged rooms...
  • TVS Acoustics: TVS ABSorb Switch acoustic baffles and rafts
    TVS ABSorb Switch acoustic baffles and rafts
    TVS Acoustics
    TVS ABSorb Switch are white painted fiberglass acoustic baffles and rafts. The paints are high-pressure sprayed to the surface, with a high adhesion and sealed edges. They are very effective against airborne dust absorption...
  • TVS Acoustics: TVS ABSorb Panels
    TVS ABSorb Panels
    TVS Acoustics
    TVS ABSorb Panels provide an aesthetically pleasing solution for controlling reverberation time, and also increase the acoustic absorption of any space. The panels are widely used in classrooms, recording studios, offices,...
  • TVS Acoustics: TVS ABSorb Cloud system acoustic absorber ceiling panels
    TVS ABSorb Cloud system acoustic absorber ceiling panels
    TVS Acoustics
    TVS ABSorb Cloud system acoustic absorber ceiling panels are designed to control reverberation time and noise levers. They are ideal for situations where low ceilings prevent the installation of vertical baffles. Typical...
  • TVS Acoustics: TVS Acoustic Fabric
    TVS Acoustic Fabric
    TVS Acoustics
    TVS Acoustic Fabric is an acoustic and decorative fabric made from 100% polyruethane. The fabric is designed to manage noise in interiors. Excellent acoustic performance; wide range of colours; custom colour printing option;...
  • Soundsorba®: ECHOSORBA® stick-on acoustic panels
    ECHOSORBA® stick-on acoustic panels
    ECHOSORBA® stick-on acoustic panels are extremely high-performance noise absorbers. The lightweight properties and thin structure (30mm) of the panels not only make them easy to install, but also ideal for adhering to a...
  • Moving Designs: Reverb Absorber 50A acoustic wall and ceiling panels
    Reverb Absorber 50A acoustic wall and ceiling panels
    Moving Designs
    The Reverb Absorber 50A is designed to eliminate echoes and sound reverberation within rooms, halls, corridors and other interior spaces. These lightweight panels can be wall or ceiling mounted and are available in a variety...
  • Soundsorba®: Quietsorba™ acoustic panels for walls and ceilings
    Quietsorba™ acoustic panels for walls and ceilings
    Quietsorba™ ecopaint acoustic panels are high performance Class A sound absorbing panels suitable for wall and ceiling applications. They are pre-finished in a standard white colour with other colours also available. Typical...
  • Soundsorba®: WAVESORBA™ suspended acoustic panels
    WAVESORBA™ suspended acoustic panels
    WAVESORBA™ designer acoustic panels are suitable for suspending from ceilings in buildings where an aesthetically pleasing solution is required to reduce noise: high-tech offices; airports; schools; entrance areas; music or...
  • Soundsorba®: BUBBLESORBA™ designer acoustic panels
    BUBBLESORBA™ designer acoustic panels
    BUBBLESORBA™ colourful designer acoustic panels reduce reverberant noise inside rooms, and also add design flair to many interior applications: indoor play areas; restaurants; hotels; reception areas; offices; showrooms;...
  • Soundsorba®: FOAMSORBA™ stick-on acoustic tiles
    FOAMSORBA™ stick-on acoustic tiles
    FOAMSORBA™ are extremely lightweight sound-absorbing tiles that are ideal for use in television studios, offices, community and multipurpose halls, cinemas, classrooms, hallways, music rooms and shooting ranges. The acoustic...
  • Soundsorba®: SQUARESORBA™ acoustic tiles
    SQUARESORBA™ acoustic tiles
    SQUARESORBA™ acoustic tiles are suitable for suspended ceilings. Innovative in design, they have a futuristic effect that makes it ideal for creative projects. SQUARESORBA™ tiles can be used for retail and commercial...