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  • gt Specifier: Green-tree intensive roof garden substrate
    Green-tree intensive roof garden substrate
    gt Specifier
    Green-tree intensive roof garden substrate is an established growing medium made from a blend of lightweight aggregate and the award winning Green-tree Topsoil: ideal for green roof construction projects, particularly...
  • Aquatic Engineering: Biodiverse green roofs
    Biodiverse green roofs
    Aquatic Engineering
    AquaticEngineering offers green roof and biodiverse roof systems that are suitable for both retrofit and new buildings. The company can design, supply, install and maintain both extensive and intensive green roof systems.
  • ALKORGREEN green roofing system: intensive green roofs
    RENOLIT Cramlington
    Renolit ALKORGREEN offers a complete, aesthetically pleasing and ecological solution for roofs. ALKORGREEN is an optimised green-roof system delivering considerable added value, for both new construction and renovation...
  • EcoRoof Intensive highly absorbent aggregate
    Long Rake Spar Co
    EcoRoof Intensive is an ultra lightweight blend of highly absorbent aggregates with composted bio-waste for use as a substrate within recreational garden-scapes.
  • ZinCo Intensive green roofs
    Alumasc Exterior Building Products
    ZinCo Intensive green roofs offer the benefits of a small urban park, providing a rich habitat for wildlife as well as recreational access for people. They have a deep substrate which can support a range of plants, trees and...
  • PROGREEN intensive green roof system
    The Protan Intensive System supports diverse planting schemes including trees, lawns, coppices and paved areas. Intensive green roofs are best described as recreational gardens, similar to those found at ground level.
  • RubberBond intensive green roofing system
    Flex-R Ltd offers the RubberBond intensive green roofing system. Intensive systems require high maintenance and replicate ground level gardens, providing new amenity space. Components: planting, paving, decking; intensive...