Window films and coatings for glazing-related challenges including heat gain, glare reduction, UV protection, safety, security, privacy, appearance, cleaning, and energy efficiency. On BUILDING DESIGN. Helping you find the best product for your project.
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  • ScenicView™ dual-reflective, anti-fade window films
    Johnson Window Films
    Johnson Window Films' state-of-the-art ScenicView films are dual-reflective and deliver the highest heat rejection available. Suitable for dual pane and low-E windows, ScenicView is a hit with architects and designers...
  • Opalux® bronze lower mirror solar control film
    Opalux Window Films
    Opalux® bronze lower mirror solar control films offer a balanced year-round performance of good solar heat rejection with higher light transmission and additional winter heat-saving benefits. These bronze lower mirror...
  • Architectural™ colour metallised solar control films
    Johnson Window Films
    Adding color to a window can really make a difference in the overall aesthetic look of a commercial building or home. Owners and managers of hotels, storefronts and high-rise buildings can alter the look of the structures...
  • Opalux® clear specialist UV control window film
    Opalux Window Films
    Opalux® specialist UV control film is designed for museum conservation and retail use to protect exhibits, displays and furnishings from UV radiation which is one of the main causes of premature fading in these environments.
  • Emerald green tinted window film for glare reduction
    Omega Window Films
    This is an emerald green tinted window film, designed to reduce solar glare and heat build-up. Benefits: improves productivity in the workplace and comfort in the home by reducing excessive solar heat and glare to ease...
  • Solar Gard® Armorcoat® tinted solar safety films
    Solar Gard UK
    Solar Gard® Armorcoat® tinted solar safety films are designed to protect against UV rays, reduce screen glare, prevent heat gain or heat loss, as well as being shatterproof in the event of breakage. They have a metaellised...
  • Opalux® SunCool ™ window film for polycarbonate glazing
    Opalux Window Films
    Opalux® SunCool™ considerably limits solar gain and alleviates interior heat build up combined with offering significant glare reduction and filltering of damaging UV-rays which are the biggest factor in the premature fading...
  • Sunset Bronze™ copper-tinted, anti-fade sputtered films
    Johnson Window Films
    The right look is extremely important when choosing any window film brand. Johnson Window Films' Sunset Bronze line-up not only delivers exceptional solar protection, but its warm, copper design can enhance a country home or...
  • Opalux® medium sandblast privacy & decorative film
    Opalux Window Films
    Opalux® translucent privacy screening films are used to give two-way privacy without seriously reducing the natural light level. These films have a finely textured matt finish, and are applied to new or existing glass. For...
  • Opalux® clear 100 micron safey & security window film
    Opalux Window Films
    Opalux® safety and security window films are designed to make glass safer, both by strengthening it against breakage and helping hold dangerous shards of shattered glass in situations where breakage does occur. Tested and...