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  • Marley: RidgeFast dry fix ridge system
    RidgeFast dry fix ridge system
    Marley RidgeFast provides a completely dry fixed ridge on roofs. It is quick and easy to install, since the units are mechanically fixed without any need for mortar. RidgeFast provides a continuous 5mm ventilation along the...
  • Marley: Dry fix bonding gutters for jointing two roof coverings
    Dry fix bonding gutters for jointing two roof coverings
    Dry fix bonding gutters from Marley provide an effective means of weatherproofing the junction between two different roofing materials. Suitable as an effective and less costly alternative to conventional lead and mortar...
  • Metal Gutta: Copper roof ridge flashings
    Copper roof ridge flashings
    Metal Gutta
    Metal Gutta offers copper ridge flashing to complement their guttering range, providing a low cost, natural way to reduce repetitive and often dangerous roof cleaning. Installion of copper ridge flashing will help to...
  • Western Expanded Metal Industries Co: Sills and flashings
    Sills and flashings
    Western Expanded Metal Industries Co
    Sills and flashings are made to measure. They are suitable for most conditions that require the weathering of external wall insulation systems and rendering. Precut lengths and push fit or welded end caps are available on...
  • Bailey: Bailey Sure-line roof edging system
    Bailey Sure-line roof edging system
    Bailey Sure-line roof edging is manufactured from galvanised steel with a factory applied membrane. It is designed to prevent labour intensive roof detailing, providing security and efficiency to vulnerable roof edge areas...
  • Flashings from Steadman
    A Steadman
    Steadman manufactures a wide range of ridge, barge, verge, gutter, apron, cap, corner, internal and drip flashings. The flashings have galvanised, polyester, PVF2, Plastisol, leathergrain or Scintilla finishes to complement...
  • Dektite® Retrofit™ flashing for metal roofs
    Deks UK
    Dektite® Retrofit™ is purpose-designed for flashing roof penetrations where the flashing cannot be lowered over the pipe, but needs to go around it. The unique patented zip lock does not require separate clips - just clamp...
  • SELDEK® Aluminium™ flashing for tile or slate roofs
    Deks UK
    SELDEK® Aluminium™ flashing is suitable for tile or slate roofs. It will not stain or corrode roofs and gutters. The EPDM cone, which is trimmed on-site to fit, is ingeniously locked to a high grade and malleable 99.9% pure...
  • Dektite® Multicable solar flashing
    Deks UK
    Dektite® Multicable is a speciality flashing for solar PV cables on tile or slate roofs. It allows up to 10 cables to be taken effectively through the roof. It avoids the risk of damage or pressure on cables by isolating...
  • Dektite® Combo flashing for metal roofs
    Deks UK
    Dektite® Combo can be used like standard Dektite® or, when retrofit is required, cut and fit around the pipe and join with clips.
  • Dektite® EZi-Seal™ flashing for metal roofs
    Deks UK
    Dektite® EZi-Seal™ features a revolutionary non-absorbant and non-porous sponge gasket that seals by compression, even in wet conditions. It hugs the roofline to provide a watertight seal without the need for silicone...
  • Steel barge flashings
    Hornsey Steels
    Hornsey Steels produces barge flashings in the following finishes: galvanised; slate Blue; juniper Green; van Dyke Brown; goosewing Grey; terracotta.
  • Dektite® Combo Square flashing for metal roofs
    Deks UK
    Dektite® Combo Square flashing is specifically designed for square penetrations from 20-120mm. It is suitable for standard or retrofit applications.
  • Dektite® Premium flashing for metal roofs
    Deks UK
    Dektite® Premium multi-application flashing, in highly durable EPDM or silicone, edged with a flexible aluminium ban, flashes hot or cold flues and pipes on metal roofs. the square base fits any prepared hole on most pitched...
  • FlatSeal™ flashing for flat membrane and bitumen roofs
    Deks UK
    FlatSeal™ flashing is suitable for flat and low pitch roofs with single ply or bitumen coverings. No special tools or fittings are required. FlatSeal™ EPDM snaps tight to pipes without clips. It seals to roofs with hot or...