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  • LokFold metal standing seam roofing system
    Lokfold is a high quality, fully supported, metal roofing and cladding system available in a variety of quality metal finishes including pre-painted and mill finish aluminim, copper, zinc and stainless steel. The Lokfold...
  • Riblok secret fix roof cladding system
    The RigiSystems Riblok range of secret fix cladding was initially developed for the petroleum industry to provide a durable and low maintenance soffit lining for forecourt canopies. The aesthetically pleasing and clean lines...
  • Rubba Roof cold-applied waterproofing membrane
    Rubba Roof is a high-performance polyurethane waterproof coating with exceptional adhesion for flat and conventional roofs, balconies, decking and many other applications. A versatile waterproof roofing product, it is...
  • Permo® forte breathable roof underlay
    Permo® forte is an extremely strong, four-layer vapour permeable underlay with a built-in safety grid. It is suitable for all cold and warm pitched roofs. Permo® forte consists of a strong laminated sheet material, with...
  • PROGREEN biodiverse turfed green roof system
    Scandinavia has used turf roofs for centuries as a means of insulation and roof support. Suitable for timber frame constructions with a pitched roof, they are ideal for commercial or residential applications where...
  • Rooftex high performance liquid waterproofing
    Rooftex is a cold applied single pack polyurethane extended liquid which cures to form a waterproof membrane with exceptional elasticity. Suitable for roofs, balconies, wet areas and structural waterproofing, Rooftex...
  • R1000 Super Six box profile roof cladding sheet
    R1000 Super Six box profile roof cladding sheets are available in a wide choice of materials and colour finishes. They are extremely versatile and can be supplied with or without the mini-ribs.
  • ALKORGREEN green roofing system: extensive green roofs
    RENOLIT Cramlington
    Renolit ALKORGREEN offers a complete, aesthetically pleasing and ecological solution for roofs. ALKORGREEN is an optimised green-roof system delivering considerable added value, for both new construction and renovation...
  • Roof protection systems
    Triflex offer a range of sophisticated, cold liquid applied waterproofing systems to deal with all types of roofing projects including refurbishment, new build, roof details and repairs. Roof build-up applications:...
  • Sealoflex® CT System with the Sealogreen™ drainage mat
    Sealoflex UK
    Sealoflex® CT green roof system is an impervious, rubber based system. Chlorophyll, found in all plant life, is the most solar reflective medium known to man. A green roof in midsummer will be even cooler than a comparable...
  • RWA6 box profiled roof cladding sheets
    RWA6 box profiled roof cladding sheets are commonly regarded as the benchmark choice of box profile sheets. They are available in a choice of materials and colours. The RWA6 complies with External Fire Expose Roof Test...
  • SpeedDeck® secret fix standing seam roof/cladding system
    Speeddeck® Building Systems
    SpeedDeck® is a secret fix standing seam roofing and cladding system. The double interlocking ribs and clips ensure strength and watertight integrity. Since it's inception SpeedDeck secret fix roofing has become a worldwide...
  • FF810 PVC-P single ply waterproofing roof membrane
    Fatra UK
    FF810 is a zero-maintenance, high performance, polyester-mesh reinforced PVC-P roof waterproofing membrane for use as a mechanically fixed waterproofing covering. It is 1.5mm thick giving it improved resistance to damage.
  • ZinCo extensive green roof system
    Alumasc Exterior Building Products
    ZinCo extensive green roofs are lightweight with a relatively shallow substrate, providing a versatile range of planting generally comprising sedum rockery and alpine plants. Applications Provides a 'back to nature' look,...
  • Meta-Slate natural slate-effect roofing sheets
    A Steadman
    Meta-Slate has been designed and developed by Steadmans to provide a roofing sheet that has the appearance of natural slate but the advantages of a modern, lightweight but strong building material. Meta-Slate is very easy to...