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  • Colorcoat Urban® roofing system
    Tata Steel
    Colorcoat Urban® is the sustainable product for the urban building. Benefits: Matt colour range specifically designed for the urban fabric. Stable colour ensures an aesthetic of consistent, even shade. BBA certified in...
  • Sealeco Superseal roof membrane system
    Russetts Developments
    The Sealeco Superseal roof membrane system is a lighweight EPDM membrane that can be mechanically attached or fixed using a polyurethane adhesive. They are easy to use and install on site using a heat splicing technique and...
  • Butyl green roof liners
    Butyl Products
    Butyl green roof lining materials are suitable for exposure to water, water soluble chemicals and some acids. They are characterised by high elongation at yield, which makes them suitable for applications where movement or...
  • EUROTOP N 35 breathable roofing underlay
    Fakro GB
    EUROTOP N 35 is an excellent material for use as a fully supported or unsupported roof underlay on tiled or slated pitched roofs constructed in accordance with the relevant clauses of BS 5534:2003. EUROTOP N 35 may be used...
  • Sealoflex® 10™ cold applied liquid roof waterproofing
    Sealoflex UK
    Sealoflex® 10™ is a rubber based single component coating. Tough, flexible and made from highly elastic material it displays good UV and ponding water resistance. Sealoflex® 10™ is used together with Sealoflex® 10™ polyester...
  • Meta-SlatePlus insulated slate-effect roofing system
    A Steadman
    Meta-SlatePlus is a combination of Steadman's Meta-Slate roofing sheets fixed to AS35 insulated roofing panels. Meta-Slate is a roofing sheet with the appearance of natural slate but embodies the advantages of a modern...
  • Permo® air breathable roof underlay
    Permo® air is a breathable, open, low-resistance underlay that is suitable for cold and warm roof applications, or where there is a high risk of condensation forming in roof spaces. Permo® air is a strong three-layer...
  • Meta-Slate natural slate-effect roofing sheets
    A Steadman
    Meta-Slate has been designed and developed by Steadmans to provide a roofing sheet that has the appearance of natural slate but the advantages of a modern, lightweight but strong building material. Meta-Slate is very easy to...
  • RubberBond biodiverse green roofing system
    Flex-R Ltd offers the maintenance-free RubberBond Green biodiverse roofing system. Components: wildflower; aggregate; biodiverse soil mix; filter fleece; biodrain; root barrier; rubberBond Fleeceback membrane.
  • Kingspan Kingzip® standing seam insulated roofing panel
    Kingspan Insulated Panels
    Kingzip Insulated standing seam panels are through fixed roof panels, which can be used for all building applications, where the roof slope is 1.5°or more. They have a Green Guide A+ rating according to the BRE Global ‘Green...
  • EPDM green roof liner
    Butyl Products
    EPDM liners are similar in many respects to Butyl rubber products. They are vulcanised rather than welded and are available in a range of grades. Available for green roof lining applications, they are suitable for exposure...
  • RubberBond FleeceBack EPDM waterproof roofing membrane
    RubberBond is a synthetic waterproof EPDM rubber membrane for roof applications. It is flexible and bends with no stress to follow roof contours, upstands to walls, check curb edges, skylights, pipes, terminations into...
  • EPDM roofing membrane for ballasted flat roofs
    Alvadac's ballasted system can be fitted to almost any flat roof provided it has been designed to accommodate the weight of the ballast. The EPDM is loose laid in one piece over a geotextile underlay then ballasted using an...
  • Flagon PVC/ TPO single ply roofing membranes
    Flag-Soprema offers a comprehensive range of TPO and PVC single ply membranes for wide-ranging applications. In addition the Flag-Soprema Copper Art® and Silver Art® systems have the aesthetic quality of traditional metal...
  • ALKORGREEN green roofing system: extensive green roofs
    RENOLIT Cramlington
    Renolit ALKORGREEN offers a complete, aesthetically pleasing and ecological solution for roofs. ALKORGREEN is an optimised green-roof system delivering considerable added value, for both new construction and renovation...