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  • RubberBond intensive green roofing system
    Flex-R Ltd offers the RubberBond intensive green roofing system. Intensive systems require high maintenance and replicate ground level gardens, providing new amenity space. Components: planting, paving, decking; intensive...
  • Kingspan KR curved insulated roof panel
    Kingspan Insulated Panels
    Kingspan CR curved insulated roof panels are through-fixed roof panels, which can be used for building applications where the minimum radius of the roof is 150m. They offer fast, single fix installation, reliable thermal...
  • Topseal DoubleTop extra reinforced roofing membrane
    Topseal Systems
    The Topseal DoubleTop system provides extra reinforced protection (2 x 450 gsm reinforcement mat) to provide a guaranteed waterproof barrier for permanent water containment in critical applications.
  • Topseal GreenTop green roofing system
    Topseal Systems
    Topseal GreenTop is a complete green roofing system with built-in DoubleTop protection, (2 x 450 gsm reinforcement mat) providing permanent water containment and a complete sedum or wildflower green roof system. Topseal...
  • Agri-Steel™ roof cladding system for farm buildings
    A Steadman
    Steadmans' Agri-steel™ system consists of coated steel sheets rolled to five different profiles for single skin roofing down to 4° pitch. Agri-steel™ has been designed specifically for un-insulated agricultural buildings.
  • AS35 insulated roof cladding panels
    A Steadman
    The AS35 panels consists of two coated steel profiles bonded to a core of PIR insulation; they can be used to form roofs down to a pitch of 4°. AS35 insulated panels consist of a core of polyisocyanurate (PIR) insulation...
  • RubberBond biodiverse green roofing system
    Flex-R Ltd offers the maintenance-free RubberBond Green biodiverse roofing system. Components: wildflower; aggregate; biodiverse soil mix; filter fleece; biodrain; root barrier; rubberBond Fleeceback membrane.
  • Roof protection systems
    Triflex offer a range of sophisticated, cold liquid applied waterproofing systems to deal with all types of roofing projects including refurbishment, new build, roof details and repairs. Roof build-up applications:...
  • GreenGrid® modular green roof system
    SealEco Ltd
    GreenGrid® was designed by engineering, roofing and horticultural experts to produce an efficient, integrated green roof system combining all the separate layers which comprise a traditional green roof system into a single...
  • Rubba Roof cold-applied waterproofing membrane
    Rubba Roof is a high-performance polyurethane waterproof coating with exceptional adhesion for flat and conventional roofs, balconies, decking and many other applications. A versatile waterproof roofing product, it is...
  • SpeedDeck® secret fix standing seam roof/cladding system
    Speeddeck® Building Systems
    SpeedDeck® is a secret fix standing seam roofing and cladding system. The double interlocking ribs and clips ensure strength and watertight integrity. Since it's inception SpeedDeck secret fix roofing has become a worldwide...
  • Alsan RS cold-applied liquid resin
    The Alsan RS range of cold-applied liquid resin systems offers cost effective, loadbearing, high-performance seamless, waterproofing – ideal for roofs, general waterproofing, parking decks, balconies, patios, terraces,...
  • PROGREEN extensive green roof system
    PROGREEN extensive green roof system is designed to be a minimal maintenance vegetation landscape which is wind, frost and drought resistant. Sedum blankets provide an instantly colourful and attractive green roof...
  • Versatile 1000 tile effect roof sheet
    Versatile 1000 tile effect roof sheets are lightweight and easy to fit. They are available in a choice of six colours and can be used over roofing or flat to pitch roof conversions. Versatile 1000 tile effect roof sheets are...
  • Permo® sec waterproofing membrane
    Permo® sec is a vapour permeable waterproofing membrane that is laid between copper, zinc, aluminium and stainless steel in standing seam roof finishes and supporting decks. Suitable for roof pitches over 3°, it can also be...