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  • AS single skin roof cladding system
    A Steadman
    Steadmans AS single skin roof systems consist of coated steel sheets rolled to five different profiles. They can be used to form roofs down to 4° pitch, or 6° if rooflights are required and walls. The system includes a...
  • AS35 insulated roof cladding panels
    A Steadman
    The AS35 panels consists of two coated steel profiles bonded to a core of PIR insulation; they can be used to form roofs down to a pitch of 4°. AS35 insulated panels consist of a core of polyisocyanurate (PIR) insulation...
  • Riblok secret fix roof cladding system
    The RigiSystems Riblok range of secret fix cladding was initially developed for the petroleum industry to provide a durable and low maintenance soffit lining for forecourt canopies. The aesthetically pleasing and clean lines...
  • ZinCo Intensive green roofs
    Alumasc Exterior Building Products
    ZinCo Intensive green roofs offer the benefits of a small urban park, providing a rich habitat for wildlife as well as recreational access for people. They have a deep substrate which can support a range of plants, trees and...
  • SpeedZip® standing seam roof and cladding system
    System' Building Products
    SpeedZip® is a ‘zip up’ standing seam roofing system involving mechanically seaming a profiled side lap over a halter support system. Standing seam built up systems have been used throughout the construction industry for...
  • PROGREEN biodiverse turfed green roof system
    Scandinavia has used turf roofs for centuries as a means of insulation and roof support. Suitable for timber frame constructions with a pitched roof, they are ideal for commercial or residential applications where...
  • Monterrey Premium tile effect steel roof
    Ruukki UK
    Monterrey Premium tile effect steel roofing sheets have a highly structured Pural Matt finish that offers durability against wear and weather effects. Monterrey Premium is manufactured from Pural Matt coated steel, and comes...
  • Green Estate green roofs: planting & maintenance
    Green Estate
    Green Estate relishes the opportunity to work on bespoke projects and has experience in the installation of green roofs in sensitive areas where only native species can be installed. The company can incorporate bulbs into...
  • Versatile 1000 tile effect roof sheet
    Versatile 1000 tile effect roof sheets are lightweight and easy to fit. They are available in a choice of six colours and can be used over roofing or flat to pitch roof conversions. Versatile 1000 tile effect roof sheets are...
  • Topseal DoubleTop extra reinforced roofing membrane
    Topseal Systems
    The Topseal DoubleTop system provides extra reinforced protection (2 x 450 gsm reinforcement mat) to provide a guaranteed waterproof barrier for permanent water containment in critical applications.
  • Rhepanol® fk single ply flat roofing membrane
    FDT - Flat Roof Design Technology
    Rhepanol® fk has a full Life Cycle Assessment to ISO 14040 part ff proving this product has ‘no significant environmental impacts’ in all stages from raw materials to production to installation and ultimately to disposal at...
  • ALKORGREEN green roofing system: intensive green roofs
    RENOLIT Cramlington
    Renolit ALKORGREEN offers a complete, aesthetically pleasing and ecological solution for roofs. ALKORGREEN is an optimised green-roof system delivering considerable added value, for both new construction and renovation...
  • Polypropylene green roof liner
    Butyl Products
    Polypropylene is normally used in nylon-reinforced form for green roof applications. It is resistant to a range of chemicals, including some petrochemicals.
  • Elvaloy green roof liner
    Butyl Products
    Elvaloy green roof liners are based on a specially developed geomembrane material. They are available in plain and reinforced versions, and are well suited to roofing and decking applications. Thicknesses: 0.75 and 1.50mm.
  • FF804 PVC-P single ply waterproofing roof membrane
    Fatra UK
    FF804 is a non-fleece backed variant of Fatra's FF807 membrane and is designed for detail working and finishing eg penetrations and vertical abutments. It is not suitable for main field area application.