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  • FF804 PVC-P single ply waterproofing roof membrane
    Fatra UK
    FF804 is a non-fleece backed variant of Fatra's FF807 membrane and is designed for detail working and finishing eg penetrations and vertical abutments. It is not suitable for main field area application.
  • Sealoflex® 10™ cold applied liquid roof waterproofing
    Sealoflex UK
    Sealoflex® 10™ is a rubber based single component coating. Tough, flexible and made from highly elastic material it displays good UV and ponding water resistance. Sealoflex® 10™ is used together with Sealoflex® 10™ polyester...
  • RubberBond biodiverse green roofing system
    Flex-R Ltd offers the maintenance-free RubberBond Green biodiverse roofing system. Components: wildflower; aggregate; biodiverse soil mix; filter fleece; biodrain; root barrier; rubberBond Fleeceback membrane.
  • EVALASTIC® eco-friendly EPDM roofing membrane
    ICB (International Construction Bureau)
    EVALASTIC® eco-friendly roofing membrane is free from halogens, bitumen, chlorine and plasticisers. EVALASTIC® has been extensively market tested since 1986 and shows excellent long term performance. Produced from hardy...
  • XTEVA® thermoplastic roofing membrane
    ICB (International Construction Bureau)
    XTEVA® thermoplastic roofing membranes are constructed from established materials that have proved their worth over four decades of usage on the most difficult applications. EVA and PVC combine to make XTEVA® an...
  • ZinCo Intensive green roofs
    Alumasc Exterior Building Products
    ZinCo Intensive green roofs offer the benefits of a small urban park, providing a rich habitat for wildlife as well as recreational access for people. They have a deep substrate which can support a range of plants, trees and...
  • Green Estate green roofs: installation & product supply
    Green Estate
    Green Estate green roof installation Green Estate are an approachable and adaptable green roof installer. Our team are experienced, confident and work to a very high standard. Green Estate are CHAS and construction line...
  • Topseal HD heavy duty roofing membrane
    Topseal Systems
    The Topseal HD GRP roofing system provides a number of key benefits for use in commercial and industrial applications. Topseal represents the pinnacle of style and performance, meeting all current Part ‘L’ regulations, it’s...
  • Versatile 1000 tile effect roof sheet
    Versatile 1000 tile effect roof sheets are lightweight and easy to fit. They are available in a choice of six colours and can be used over roofing or flat to pitch roof conversions. Versatile 1000 tile effect roof sheets are...
  • Butyl green roof liners
    Butyl Products
    Butyl green roof lining materials are suitable for exposure to water, water soluble chemicals and some acids. They are characterised by high elongation at yield, which makes them suitable for applications where movement or...
  • Flagon PVC/ TPO single ply roofing membranes
    Flag-Soprema offers a comprehensive range of TPO and PVC single ply membranes for wide-ranging applications. In addition the Flag-Soprema Copper Art® and Silver Art® systems have the aesthetic quality of traditional metal...
  • FF810 PVC-P single ply waterproofing roof membrane
    Fatra UK
    FF810 is a zero-maintenance, high performance, polyester-mesh reinforced PVC-P roof waterproofing membrane for use as a mechanically fixed waterproofing covering. It is 1.5mm thick giving it improved resistance to damage.
  • EPDM mechanically fixed roofing membrane for flat roofs
    Alvadac's mechanically attached roofing system is suitable where decking is not going to be replaced but the ballasted system is not appropriate. Firstly, a geotextile underlay is laid on the roof followed by reinforced EPDM...
  • SpeedZip® standing seam roof and cladding system
    System' Building Products
    SpeedZip® is a ‘zip up’ standing seam roofing system involving mechanically seaming a profiled side lap over a halter support system. Standing seam built up systems have been used throughout the construction industry for...
  • Rhepanol® single ply flat roofing membrane
    FDT - Flat Roof Design Technology
    Produced at FDT's Mannheim factory since early 1960s, Rhenofol® is one of the longest established products in the European marketplace. It is available for mechanically fixed, bonded or ballasted roof applications. Rhenofol®...