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  • FiberTite single ply roofing membrane
    ICB (International Construction Bureau)
    FiberTite single ply roofing membrane is built to the highest technical specifications. With a supreme performance, it has been applied and specified on some of the world's most prestigious buildings. FiberTite consists of...
  • Green Estate green roofs: planting & maintenance
    Green Estate
    Green Estate relishes the opportunity to work on bespoke projects and has experience in the installation of green roofs in sensitive areas where only native species can be installed. The company can incorporate bulbs into...
  • FF814 PVC-P single ply waterproofing roof membrane
    Fatra UK
    FF814 roofing membranes can be welded to a completed Fatra roof (normally FF807) to give the appearance of a standing seam roof at a fraction of the cost.
  • Agri-Steel™ roof cladding system for farm buildings
    A Steadman
    Steadmans' Agri-steel™ system consists of coated steel sheets rolled to five different profiles for single skin roofing down to 4° pitch. Agri-steel™ has been designed specifically for un-insulated agricultural buildings.
  • Permo® sec waterproofing membrane
    Permo® sec is a vapour permeable waterproofing membrane that is laid between copper, zinc, aluminium and stainless steel in standing seam roof finishes and supporting decks. Suitable for roof pitches over 3°, it can also be...
  • RubberBond intensive green roofing system
    Flex-R Ltd offers the RubberBond intensive green roofing system. Intensive systems require high maintenance and replicate ground level gardens, providing new amenity space. Components: planting, paving, decking; intensive...
  • RubberBond extensive green roofing system
    Flex-R Ltd offer the RubberBond extensive green roofing system. It requires minimal maintenance and is supplied with a sedum blanket for instant greening. Components: sedum substrate; filter fleece; biodrain; root barrier;...
  • Zinco Semi Intensive green roof system
    Alumasc Exterior Building Products
    ZinCo Semi-Intensive Green Roofs provide a varied landscape that can include shrubs and woody plants, but still have a low build-up. Ecological benefits are combined with access for recreational use. Applications...
  • Extensive green roof systems with Decothane
    Liquid Plastics
    Offers a green roof system based around a liquid-applied waterproofing membrane. The Decothane root resistant base coat, top coat and detail coat are high performance polyurethane coatings. Also used in the system is the...
  • Sedum green roof blanket
    Sedum green roof blankets are suitable for use on commercial and domestic buildings, including garden summer houses and sheds. They can also be used as groundcover wherever instant colour and soil protection is required.
  • EcoRoof Intensive highly absorbent aggregate
    Long Rake Spar Co
    EcoRoof Intensive is an ultra lightweight blend of highly absorbent aggregates with composted bio-waste for use as a substrate within recreational garden-scapes.
  • Trimoterm SNV fire-proof insulated roof panel
    Trimo UK
    Trimoterm SNV fire-proof panels are suitable for roofs with inclines exceeding 3 degrees, on office buildings, commercial centres, cultural institutions and industrial facilities. They are made from a lower shallow and upper...
  • Protan G membrane for ballasted roofs
    Protan G is designed for use in ballasted and protected membrane applications and are suitable for new build and refurbishment applications. Protan G is also used for forming details in mechanical attached systems. The...
  • Eternit fibre cement profiled sheet roofing
    A Steadman
    Eternit fibre cement profiled sheeting from Steadmans is recognised as a superior alternative to asbestos cement roofing. Highly cost-effective weatherproofing. An environmentally friendly asbestos-free, reinforced fibre...
  • All-in-one green roof system
    Hambleside Danelaw
    Hambleside Danelaw's All-in-one green roof system is suitable for extensive green roofs, including those with slopes of up to 20 degrees. They can also be used for intensive or hybrid green roofs: available in 1m x 0.5m...