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  • Sealoflex® CT System with the Sealogreen™ drainage mat
    Sealoflex UK
    Sealoflex® CT green roof system is an impervious, rubber based system. Chlorophyll, found in all plant life, is the most solar reflective medium known to man. A green roof in midsummer will be even cooler than a comparable...
  • Monterrey Premium tile effect steel roof
    Ruukki UK
    Monterrey Premium tile effect steel roofing sheets have a highly structured Pural Matt finish that offers durability against wear and weather effects. Monterrey Premium is manufactured from Pural Matt coated steel, and comes...
  • Permascreed mastic asphalt roof screed
    Permascreed mastic asphalt roof screed is made from selected bitumens, limestone filler and specially graded aggregates. It is suitable for new build and refurbishment projects and can be used on insulated warm roofs,...
  • LivingRoof Brown Roofing system
    Speeddeck® Building Systems
    Offers the LivingRoof Sedum Mat Green Roofing system for use with SpeedZip and SpeedDeck aluminium standing seams. Benefits: increases oxygen in the atmosphere; reduces carbon dioxide and pollutants; reduces stress on the...
  • Rooftex high performance liquid waterproofing
    Rooftex is a cold applied single pack polyurethane extended liquid which cures to form a waterproof membrane with exceptional elasticity. Suitable for roofs, balconies, wet areas and structural waterproofing, Rooftex...
  • Decktect flexible car park deck waterproofing system
    Specifically designed as a flexible waterproofing solution for exposed car park top decks, Decktect accommodates normal substrate movement, providing an impervious finish for heavily trafficked areas. The system comprises:...
  • Sedum green roof blanket
    Sedum green roof blankets are suitable for use on commercial and domestic buildings, including garden summer houses and sheds. They can also be used as groundcover wherever instant colour and soil protection is required.
  • SpeedDeck® secret fix standing seam roof/cladding system
    Speeddeck® Building Systems
    SpeedDeck® is a secret fix standing seam roofing and cladding system. The double interlocking ribs and clips ensure strength and watertight integrity. Since it's inception SpeedDeck secret fix roofing has become a worldwide...
  • Drain Dripstop roof condensation control fleece
    A Steadman
    Drain Dripstop is a self adhesive polyester fleece designed for un-insulated single skin metal roofs and buildings with high humidity levels and poor ventilation to reduce risk of damage from dripping or running condensate.
  • RubberBond intensive green roofing system
    Flex-R Ltd offers the RubberBond intensive green roofing system. Intensive systems require high maintenance and replicate ground level gardens, providing new amenity space. Components: planting, paving, decking; intensive...
  • Rhepanol® fk single ply flat roofing membrane
    FDT - Flat Roof Design Technology
    Rhepanol® fk has a full Life Cycle Assessment to ISO 14040 part ff proving this product has ‘no significant environmental impacts’ in all stages from raw materials to production to installation and ultimately to disposal at...
  • EcoRoof Intensive highly absorbent aggregate
    Long Rake Spar Co
    EcoRoof Intensive is an ultra lightweight blend of highly absorbent aggregates with composted bio-waste for use as a substrate within recreational garden-scapes.
  • Lytag® LWA lightweight roof screed
    Lytag® LWA lightweight roof screed is made with Lytag® LWA aggregate, which is up to 50% lighter than traditional sands or cements. It has been specified for use on a wide range of projects including commercial and civic...
  • PROGREEN extensive green roof system
    PROGREEN extensive green roof system is designed to be a minimal maintenance vegetation landscape which is wind, frost and drought resistant. Sedum blankets provide an instantly colourful and attractive green roof...
  • AS twin skin steel roof cladding system
    A Steadman
    Steadmans AS twin skin roof systems consist of coated steel sheets rolled to five different profiles. They may be used to form roofs down to 4° pitch or 6° if rooflights are required, and walls. The systems include a...