CPD seminars relating to structural protection on BUILDING DESIGN. Resources to build your knowledge and understanding.
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  • Delta Membrane Systems: Waterproofing – BS 8102: 2009 and cavity drain membranes
    Waterproofing – BS 8102: 2009 and cavity drain membranes
    Delta Membrane Systems
    This course aims to explore waterproofing, and in particular the use of cavity drain and air gap membranes in a variety of different situations from domestic basements to London Underground stations
  • Delta Membrane Systems: Flood Resilience CPD  (RIBA approved)
    Flood Resilience CPD (RIBA approved)
    Delta Membrane Systems
    What is Flood Resistance, Resilience and Recoverability? The aim of this CPD presentation is to provide architects and designers with a deeper understanding of the concepts of flood resilience, resistance and recoverability.
  • Newton Waterproofing: Structural Waterproofing Strategies BS 8102:2009
    Structural Waterproofing Strategies BS 8102:2009
    Newton Waterproofing
    The seminar focuses on the different forms of structural waterproofing systems on the market and how to waterproof to achieve the environmental grades required within BS 8102:2009, including: a focus on how combination...
  • Airtight Membrane Systems
    A Proctor Group
    This presentation covers the importance of limiting air leakage in buildings, and the implications on building energy performance. It also provides an overview of relevant legislation and best practice, and discussion of...
  • Condensation in the Roofspace
    A Proctor Group
    This presentation discusses the requirements for breather membranes, air barriers and vapour control layers, looks at the principals of condensation, the effects of condensation, issues of detailing cold pitched roofs i.e.
  • Building on Contaminated Land
    A Proctor Group
    This presentation deals with the use of Gas Membranes and Venting Solutions to prevent harmful ground gases from entering buildings. It looks at the types of gases and their production, the sources of these gases, migration...
  • Factory Tour waterproofing CPD
    Newton Waterproofing
    The Factory Tour is a double-points CPD that is carried out at Newton's Head Office and training facility in Tonbridge, Kent. The Factory Tour objectives are to educate the specifier on their design obligations within the UK...
  • Structural waterproofing design strategies, BS 8102:2009
    Newton Waterproofing
    This seminar provides an insight on the different techniques for designing structural waterproofing systems and how to waterproof to achieve the requirements within BS 8102:2009: a focus on new build (concrete) structures...
  • Online CPD: structural waterproofing design strategies
    Newton Waterproofing
    Structural waterproofing design strategies to BS 8102:2009 is a 20-minute RIBA-approved online CPD seminar that is worth double points. It gives an overview of the systems utilised to protect below ground structures,...