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  • Elefant Gratings: Type O5 heel-proof steel balcony
    Type O5 heel-proof steel balcony
    Elefant Gratings
    Elefant Gratings offers Type O5 stiletto-proof balconies comprised of unique 5mm dia punched raised and depressed holes, in 2 / 3mm thick material. They offer exceptional slip resistance; low visual transparency of 8-9%; are...
  • Rocklyn Engineering: Stainless steel straight handrails
    Stainless steel straight handrails
    Rocklyn Engineering
    Rocklyn Engineering offers straight stainless steel handrails.
  • Alpha Rail: Portland mild steel Juliette balcony
    Portland mild steel Juliette balcony
    Alpha Rail
    They say the simple things are often the best and the Portland Juliette balcony is a perfect example of a Juliette balcony that combines safety with impressive looks. With straight vertical and horizontal squared bars, these...
  • Lang+Fulton: Micro-34 steel balustrade panels
    Micro-34 steel balustrade panels
    Micro-34 balustrade grating is notable for its flat horizontal bearing bar which produces a distinctive lateral aesthetic. For all vertical applications Lang+Fulton’s electrofused gratings are made from flat bars and...
  • Kee Systems: Kee Access® fittings for DDA handrails
    Kee Access® fittings for DDA handrails
    Kee Systems
    Kee Access® cast iron fittings were developed to help satisfy the requirements of the Equality Act 2010 (previously DDA) and Building Regulation Approved Document M. Kee Systems' fittings are designed to provide a smooth and...
  • Elefant Gratings: Type O3 stair treads
    Type O3 stair treads
    Elefant Gratings
    Type O3 stair treads are based on the O3 pattern with 14mm dia raised holes and 9mm depressed holes. The O3 provides excellent non-slip properties and is best suited to more industrial applications owing to the increased...
  • Kee Safety: Kee® Klamp fittings for sloped guardrails
    Kee® Klamp fittings for sloped guardrails
    Kee Safety
    Kee® Klamp slope fittings are designed to enhance the building of guardrails along staircases and ramps, particularly for 30-45° slopes. This range of single fittings provides design flexibility and is quick and easy to...
  • Construction Specialties: CS Acrovyn® timber handrails
    CS Acrovyn® timber handrails
    Construction Specialties
    CS Acrovyn® light-duty timber handrails are ideal for entrances and cirulation areas. BS 8300:2001 and Approved Document M compliant, they offer a luxury feel and natural look. Available in Ash, White Oak, Beech or Maple,...
  • Elefant Gratings: Type O2 Achil perforated stair treads
    Type O2 Achil perforated stair treads
    Elefant Gratings
    Type O2 Achil galvanised steel perforated stair treads have a punched pattern that runs all the way to the edge, making them particularly safe and eliminating the need for additional nosings. Perforations are made up of 9mm...
  • Elefant Gratings: Type NP steel balcony
    Type NP steel balcony
    Elefant Gratings
    Elefant Gratings offers Type NP steel balconies.
  • M & G Olympic Products: Structural glass balustrade
    Structural glass balustrade
    M & G Olympic Products
    Structural glass balustrades can be designed and manufactured with stainless steel or timber top rails.
  • BA Systems: B40 frameless glass balustrade system
    B40 frameless glass balustrade system
    BA Systems
    Enjoy uninterrupted views with this minimalist all-glass solution: provides effective, appealing edge protection; minimalist design maximises views and sunlight - no vertical supports or visible fixings; complementary...
  • Elefant Gratings: Type NP-M stair treads
    Type NP-M stair treads
    Elefant Gratings
    Type NP-M treads are similar to the SP-M, only replacing the grating element with the Type NP thus giving a linear look tread with the added benefit of a non-slip nosing that can be colour contrasted where applicable.
  • Architectural Street Furnishings: ASF balustrades
    ASF balustrades
    Architectural Street Furnishings
    ASF manufactures a wide range of balustrades in a range of materials: standard range items or bespoke jobs; surveys and full drawings available; UK manufacture in their own foundries and fabrication plants; loading...
  • M & G Olympic Products: Helical staircases
    Helical staircases
    M & G Olympic Products
    M & G Olympic Products specialises in the design, manufacture and installation of custom-built architectural metalwork including helical staircases: toughened glass, timber, sheet, bar or perforated plate infills; mild or...