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  • Kee Systems: Kee Lite® fittings for safety barriers and railings
    Kee Lite® fittings for safety barriers and railings
    Kee Systems
    Kee Lite® fittings are manufactured from a high grade aluminium silicon magnesium alloy making them ideal for use in harsh environments. Designed to suit BS EN755 tube in size 25, 32, 40 and 50 NB. Components are extremely...
  • Kee Safety: Kee® Klamp fittings for sloped guardrails
    Kee® Klamp fittings for sloped guardrails
    Kee Safety
    Kee® Klamp slope fittings are designed to enhance the building of guardrails along staircases and ramps, particularly for 30-45° slopes. This range of single fittings provides design flexibility and is quick and easy to...
  • Elefant Gratings: Type O3 stair treads
    Type O3 stair treads
    Elefant Gratings
    Type O3 stair treads are based on the O3 pattern with 14mm dia raised holes and 9mm depressed holes. The O3 provides excellent non-slip properties and is best suited to more industrial applications owing to the increased...
  • M & G Olympic Products: Straight flight staircases
    Straight flight staircases
    M & G Olympic Products
    M & G Olympic Products specialises in the design, manufacture and installation of custom-built architectural metalwork, including straight staircases: toughened glass, timber, sheet, bar or perforated plate infills; mild or...
  • M & G Olympic Products: Semi-modular mild steel balustrading
    Semi-modular mild steel balustrading
    M & G Olympic Products
    Olympic semi-modular mild steel balustrading provides all the advantages of a bespoke system, plus the added benefits of speedy delivery and reduced assembly times for a cost-effective solution to most requirements. A full...
  • Woodscape: Bespoke hardwood balconies
    Bespoke hardwood balconies
    Woodscape offers a bespoke design service to help create balconies specific to client specification. The company’s in-house designers can draw on many years’ experience of working with the world’s most durable timbers to...
  • Haddonstone: Spiral Staircases - cast stone - interior
    Spiral Staircases - cast stone - interior
    Haddonstone offers simple cast stone spiral staircases that are suitable for internal or external residential and commercial projects.
  • Alpha Rail: Stair core railings
    Stair core railings
    Alpha Rail
    Alpha Rail manufactures and supplies stair core railings and balustrades to builders and other contractors working on high rise buildings such as car parks, flats, apartment blocks and schools. Various railing designs,...
  • Alpha Rail: Byron mild steel Juliette balcony
    Byron mild steel Juliette balcony
    Alpha Rail
    The Byron Juliette balcony design features an additional attractive horizontal rail on the top which enhances its simple style and suits both contemporary and more classic styles of property. This elegant design of this...
  • Elefant Gratings: Type N steel balustrade infill
    Type N steel balustrade infill
    Elefant Gratings
    Elefant Gratings offers Type N gratings which are suitable for use as balustrade infills. Type N gratings comprise equal height bars in both directions providing an aesthetic uniform appearance from both sides. They are...
  • Hoppings Softwood Products: Q-Deck® Plus Stop Chamfered, ready made balustrades
    Q-Deck® Plus Stop Chamfered, ready made balustrades
    Hoppings Softwood Products
    Q-Deck® Plus stop chamfered, ready made balustrades are made from high-quality softwoods. They are 1800mm wide as standard and are supplied complete with handrail to suit most applications. They can be cut to fit narrower...
  • BA Systems: B50 vertical bar balustrade
    B50 vertical bar balustrade
    BA Systems
    The B50 vertical bar balustrade is a modular lightweight balcony system for residential and commercial developments. It incorporates a balcony fascia plate to provide a complete solution that minimises co-ordination...
  • Marldon UK: 15mm grooved stair nosing
    15mm grooved stair nosing
    Marldon UK
    Havwoods Accessories offers grooved stair nosings in hardwoods including oak, ash, beech, cherry, maple and merbau. The nosings are 15mm thick and of varying lengths. Each pack contains eight lengths.
  • Elefant Gratings: Type O5-M (made-to-order) stair treads
    Type O5-M (made-to-order) stair treads
    Elefant Gratings
    Type O5-M bespoke stair treads are available with or without a removable nosing and riser plate. They are characterised by small 5mm dia raised / depressed holes which provide a stileto-proof, non-slip surface (PTV789). They...
  • Metsä Wood UK: Hand rails
    Hand rails
    Metsä Wood UK
    Metsä Wood offer a range of high quality softwood hand rail mouldings for stairs. The softwood hand rails are manufactured from slow-grown premium redwood timber, which are precision finished and fully machined. Softwood...