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  • Building in aircrete: the modern solution
    H+H UK
    The government has been clear it wants housebuilders to deliver far more units per year, which means there is likely to continue to be strong demand for aircrete, a product ideal for meeting the performance requirements for...
  • Dry rot - how quickly does it spread?
    It is not practical to precisely define the rate of growth of dry rot due to variation in the nutritional quality of the food source, dampness, the environment, etc., but in buildings that have been studied growth rates of...
  • Window installation and energy efficiency standards
    Andrew Swift, technical advisor for foam sealants supplier ISO-Chemie, offers advice for installers about achieving energy efficiency installations and the benefits of using foam tape sealants for longer lasting performance.
  • Dry rot - the impact on timber
    The first evidence of the existence of an outbreak of dry rot is often the sudden appearance of a fruiting body (sporophore), or the shrinking / distortion of timbers. This latter feature can be quite dramatic and sudden,...
  • Airtightness and ventilation in sealing products
    Peter Thompson, general manager of ISO-CHEMIE UK, provides an insight into the trade-off between airtightness and ventilation in sealing products. The legal requirement to consider airtightness in building designs has been...
  • Dry rot - how does it start?
    Dry rot is the common name given to the wood destroying fungus, Serpula lacrymans. However, despite its common name it will generally only attack damp timber. Initiation of attack is by either a minute dry rot spore or cross...
  • Dry rot - how does it survive and spread?
    Once initiated a minimum timber moisture content of around 20% is required for a dry rot infection to survive although the optimum moisture content for active growth is reported around 35-50%; however, the rate of decay at...