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  • Architectural Street Furnishings: ASF 9500C column protector
    ASF 9500C column protector
    Architectural Street Furnishings
    The ASF 9500C profiled column protector is ideal for lamp posts, signage, camera posts etc: manufactured in 275 carbon steel from recycled sources; finished galvanised; can be polyester powder coated; also available in grade...
  • AUTOPA: AUTOPA steel door stops
    AUTOPA steel door stops
    Door stops are designed to protect walls from being damaged by swinging doors. An integrated rubber stopper acts as a shock absorber, preventing the door from hitting the steel frame. Ideal for commercial and industrial...
  • Construction Specialties: CS Acrovyn® bed head protectors
    CS Acrovyn® bed head protectors
    Construction Specialties
    Acrovyn® bed head protectors prevent damage to walls at bed head locations. Options with stand-off brackets are ideal for areas where there are medical equipment rails mounted on the bed head walls. A choice of models is...
  • AUTOPA: ACP5-50 - single-height column protector
    ACP5-50 - single-height column protector
    ACP5-50 column protectors, designed by AUTOPA, are suitable for external use and warehouse applications. It is a single-height column protector with two legs and one horizontal rail of mild steel tube: ragged for casting in...
  • Construction Specialties: CS Acrovyn® corner guards
    CS Acrovyn® corner guards
    Construction Specialties
    CS Acrovyn® corner guards protect vulnerable, external corners against damage in busy buildings. Effective and stylish, they are provided in a range of materials, styles, angles and heights to suit different project...
  • Construction Specialties: CS Acrovyn® Rubber Crashrails
    CS Acrovyn® Rubber Crashrails
    Construction Specialties
    CS Acrovyn Rubber Crashrails have excellent shock-absorbing and weather resistant qualities, and are the ideal solution for back-of-house and delivery area wall protection. These areas are liable to damage from vehicular...
  • Construction Specialties: CS Acrovyn® Sheet Impact Protection
    CS Acrovyn® Sheet Impact Protection
    Construction Specialties
    Acrovyn® Sheet is an aesthetic and protective wall covering for locations where a building is likely to suffer from impact damage. It is versatile and robust and can be used simply and effectively on walls or doors. It can...
  • AUTOPA: AUTOPA trolley protection rails
    AUTOPA trolley protection rails
    AUTOPA's trolley protection rail, designed with the retail market in mind, is used to protect vulnerable walls and windows from trolley damage. Sitting only 185mm above the ground, this railing can be used to protect both...
  • Westgate: Flexiscreen® temporary industrial screen
    Flexiscreen® temporary industrial screen
    Flexiscreen®, a variation of Flexiwall®, is designed as a temporary building screen. It is made of tough, flexible, lightweight and fire-retardant material panels which are hung from existing steelwork and tensioned using...
  • Stemko Group Ltd: Natraglaze internal timber glazed partitions
    Natraglaze internal timber glazed partitions
    Stemko Group Ltd
    Stemko DFC specialises in timber screens. The standard range of screens has been designed to combine aesthetics with functionality and is available in a wide range of materials, finishes, fire ratings and acoustic ratings
  • Westgate: Anchorwall® steel partitioning
    Anchorwall® steel partitioning
    The Anchorwall® Steel range consists of single- and double-skin partitioning, acoustic partitioning, and mesh partitioning. These can be easily and quickly dismantled for relocation or modified to suit changing requirements.
  • Westgate: Hoardfast® Firescreen fire-safe temporary screening
    Hoardfast® Firescreen fire-safe temporary screening
    Firescreen® is a modular steel-faced fire-safe panelling system designed to offer 60 minutes fire integrity and insulation. The mineral wool filled panels slot together easily with a tongue and groove fixture. Panels are...
  • Westgate: Propscreen temporary sheet screening system
    Propscreen temporary sheet screening system
    Propscreen is a simple and cost-effective, temporary screening system comprising floor-to-ceiling poles and polythene sheets. The system is quick to install for internal segregation and dust containment during fit-out,...
  • Westgate: Flexiwall® industrial partition
    Flexiwall® industrial partition
    The Flexiwall® partition is an advanced, relocatable industrial partition that is ideal for taller, larger buildings. It is regularly used in the warehousing and manufacturing sectors, including food, vehicle and...
  • AUTOPA: ACP4-50 - double-height column protector
    ACP4-50 - double-height column protector
    ACP4-50 column protectors, designed by AUTOPA, are suitable for external use and inside warehouses. This double-height column protector has two legs and two horizontal rails of mild steel tube: made of mild steel tube and...