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  • TVS Acoustics: TVS RESi Foam resilient under screed insulation layer
    TVS Acoustics: TVS ABSorb Panels
    TVS Acoustics: TVS ABSorb Cloud system acoustic absorber ceiling panels
    TVS Acoustics: Reducing noise levels in clinical skills facility
    TVS Acoustics: ABSorb acoustic wall panels reduce noise in classrooms
    TVS Acoustics: Acoustic baffles reduce noise at The Bridgewater Hall

    TVS Acoustics

    Established in 2009 as a specialist supplier of noise and vibration solutions, The TVS Group has successfully evolved into four key strategic divisions; TVS Sports Surfaces, TVS Gym Flooring, TVS Play Surfaces and TVS Acoustics. TVS Acoustics is a leading acoustics, noise and vibration control specialist as well as a leading supplier and installer...
    Low Bay, Commerce Street, Carrs Industrial Estate, Haslingden, Rossendale, BB4 5JT
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  • TVS Sports Surfaces: Sports and acoustic floating flooring – Deansgate Square

    TVS Sports Surfaces

    Established in 2009 as a specialist supplier of noise and vibration solutions, The TVS Group has successfully evolved into four key strategic divisions; TVS Sports Surfaces, TVS Gym Flooring, TVS Play Surfaces and TVS Acoustics. TVS Sports Surfaces is a market-leading specialist in high performance shock pad underlay systems and highly durable...
    Low Bay, Commerce Street, Carrs Industrial Estate, Haslingden, BB4 5JT
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  • TVS Gym Flooring: TVS Group gives Chapel Wharf development the hush factor

    TVS Gym Flooring

    TVS Gym Flooring specialises in providing high quality sports and fitness surfaces for use in commercial health clubs, weightlifting gyms, strength and conditioning facilities, public leisure centres, boutique fitness studios and multi-use games areas in schools and colleges. Materials are highly resilient, durable and simple to maintain. TVS also...
    Low Bay, Commerce Street, Carrs Industrial Estate, Haslingden, Rossendale, BB4 5JT
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  • Soundsorba®: Cloudsorba® suspended acoustic ceiling panels
    Soundsorba®: Fotosorba® digitally-printed acoustic panels
    Soundsorba®: Wallsorba® acoustic panel system
    Soundsorba®: Echosorba® stick-on acoustic panels
    Soundsorba®: Woodsorba® wood-veneered acoustic panels
    Soundsorba®: Foamsorba™ stick-on acoustic tiles


    Soundsorba is an acoustic specialist with over 10 years experience in providing sound control solutions for building interiors. Soundsorba acoustic products include sound absorbing panels, acoustic wall and ceiling tiles, acoustic doors, acoustic diffusers, acoustic fabric, sound absorbers and sound absorbing foam. These acoustic wall and ceiling...
    27-29 Desborough Street, High Wycombe, HP11 2LZ
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  • Moving Designs: SmartSMS-NET Sound Masking System
    Moving Designs: Serenity sound-absorbing wall and ceiling panels
    Moving Designs: Avalanche lightweight decorative acoustic dividers

    Moving Designs

    Moving Designs boast an impressive 30 years experience in providing movable walls, sliding folding partitions and glass partitions across the UK. As market leaders of acoustic space design technology and innovative sound management systems, we have earned a sterling reputation in the industry for our workmanship, customer service and ongoing...
    Unit 5 Station Industrial Estate, Oxford Road, Wokingham, RG41 2YQ
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  • Acoustic GRG Products Ltd: RPG BAD Panel - combined acoustic absorber / diffuser
    Acoustic GRG Products Ltd: RPG diffuser systems
    Acoustic GRG Products Ltd: Digitally-printed acoustic absorbers wall artwork
    Acoustic GRG Products Ltd: Acoustic Diffusor - RPG Skyline Tiles
    Acoustic GRG Products Ltd: RPG FlutterFree® acoustical hardwood moulding
    Acoustic GRG Products Ltd: Acoustic slotted wood plank system

    Acoustic GRG Products Ltd

    Acoustic GRG Products Ltd is a family run business with over 20 years of experience in the acoustic industry. All our products are manufactured in our workshops in Kent and we have experienced installers all over the UK. Absorber * BAD Panel * Baswa * Biffusor * Clipso * Deamp * Diffractal * Flutterfree * FormedFusor * Harmonix * Green Glue ...
    218 Dover Road, Folkestone, CT19 6NJ
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  • Acousticabs Noise Control: TBS metal-framed acoustic baffle
    Acousticabs Noise Control: APP profiled acoustic liner
    Acousticabs Noise Control: CP acoustic wall panels
    Acousticabs Noise Control: SPS Acoustic Screen
    Acousticabs Noise Control: RC50 Perforated acoustic wall panels
    Acousticabs Noise Control: SG sport panel

    Acousticabs Noise Control

    Acousticabs Noise Control has been established in York, England since 1982, providing solutions for industrial and building acoustics throughout the UK. It has developed this focus with a broad range of products complemented by innovative designs for special applications. This range of activities are: building Acoustics; special Products...
    Unit 52 Pocklington Industrial Estate, Pocklington, York, YO42 1NR
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  • Wakefield Acoustics: Noise havens sound absorption enclosures
    Wakefield Acoustics: Acoustic screens
    Wakefield Acoustics: Wakefield Acoustic enclosures
    Wakefield Acoustics: Circular attenuators
    Wakefield Acoustics: Rectangular splitter attenuators

    Wakefield Acoustics

    Established in 1980, Wakefield Acoustics is a leader in the design, manufacture and installation of a wide range of bespoke industrial and environmental noise control solutions throughout the world. The company has built up strong relationships with many of the world's leading manufacturing companies across industries such as power generation, oil...
    Flush Mills, Westgate, Heckmondwike, WF16 0EN
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  • Durabella: FFT acoustic flooring system for joisted constructions
    Durabella: Soundcheck acoustic timber flooring system
    Durabella: Westbourne acoustic batten system for floors
    Durabella: Westbourne acoustic cradle and batten system


    Durabella provide flooring & decking solutions. DesignADeck specialises in the design and construction of bespoke timber decking. Each design is tailored to the individual requirements of the client or project, and complements the surrounding area. Designed for a range of leisure and functional uses, timber decks can also be used for commercial...
    Windhill Old Station, Dock Lane, Shipley, BD18 1BU
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  • Acustica Integral: Acustiart sound absorbing and decorative panels
    Acustica Integral: Acustimodul 80A acoustic panel, barriers, cabins
    Acustica Integral: Acustison 50A acoustic absorption panels

    Acustica Integral

    Acustica Integral specialise in the manufacture, design, market and installation of acoustic products, soundproofing systems and acoustic engineering. Product range includes; acoustic absorbers; insulating materials; acoustic barriers; enclosures / acoustic cabins; acoustic doors & windows; silencers....
    Av. Castell de Barberà 10, Pol. Ind. Santiga, Barberà del Vallès, Barcelona, 08210, Spain
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  • Vtec Group: Supacoustic perforated acoustic ceiling panels
    Vtec Group: Supaslat wooden acoustic wall and ceiling panels
    Vtec Group: Supaslat Maxi acoustic wall and ceiling tiles

    Vtec Group

    We think that walls are not just walls; we believe that walls are opportunities. Explore our cool contemporary decorative wall cladding panels, acoustic ceiling and acoustic wall systems for architects, interior designers, building owners and occupants. Discover v-tec®'s unique market-leading textured interior décor panels and cladding systems for...
    Unit 3 Cooksland Industrial Estate, Bodmin, PL31 2QB
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  • Knauf Danoline

    Danoline is part of the Knauf Group and is a manufacturer and supplier of high-quality, gypsum-based, acoustic solutions. Products include: demountable T-grid ceilings; demountable self-supporting ceilings; non-demountable ceilings; wall linings; mitred panels; curved panels; perforations; accessories. Danoline products are applicable where...
    c/o Knauf UK, Kemsley Fields Business Park, Sittingbourne, ME9 8SR
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  • Knauf Insulation: Dublin Airport - Earthwool® Universal Slab insulation

    Knauf Insulation

    Formed in 1946 as Fibreglass Insulation the company has previously been known as Pilkington Insulation and Owens Corning before the involvement of Knauf with KnaufAlcopor before finally becoming known as Knauf Insulation. Knauf insulation is part of the Knauf group. Knauf Insulation is a manufacturer of insulation products made from: glass mineral...
    PO Box 10, Stafford Road, St Helens, WA10 3NS
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  • Sound Reduction Systems: Sonata acoustic panels
    Sound Reduction Systems: Maxiboard acoustic board for walls
    Sound Reduction Systems: Maxislab cavity absorber for walls
    Sound Reduction Systems: Maxi 60 composite board for soundproofing ceilings
    Sound Reduction Systems: Soundblocker acoustic tiles for suspended ceilings
    Sound Reduction Systems: SoundBreaker acoustic cavity barrier

    Sound Reduction Systems

    Sound Reduction Systems Ltd (SRS) is widely recognised as one of the UK's leading manufacturers of sound insulation and sound absorption materials for use within buildings. With over 25 years in the acoustic supply industry as a company and an industry leading, Institute of Acoustics registered, technical department Sound Reduction Systems Ltd can...
    Adam Street, off Lever Street, Bolton, BL3 2AP
    Phone: 01204 380074  Fax: 01204 380957  Visit website
  • MEDITE SMARTPLY: School achieves fire performance with MEDITE PREMIER FR


    MEDITE SMARTPLY is a market-leading manufacturer of sustainable timber construction panels. Our award-winning brands MEDITE and SMARTPLY are renowned for delivering the highest quality products, customer-led innovation and industry-leading customer service. Our manufacturing sites in Clonmel (MEDITE) and Waterford (SMARTPLY) in Ireland feature the...
    Persimmon House, Anchor Boulevard, Crossways Business Park, Dartford, DA2 6QH
    Phone: 01322 424900  Fax: 01322 424920  Visit website