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  • Foamglas® insulated render
    Telling Lime
    Foamglas® is a insulating lime render product for use on exterior walls on residential and commercial properties. It creates an insulation envelope around the building, minimising the effects of cold bridging. High-density...
  • Agri-Steel™ wall cladding system for farm buildings
    A Steadman
    Steadmans' Agri-steel™ system consists of coated steel sheets rolled to five different profiles for single skin walls. Agri-steel™ has been designed specifically for un-insulated agricultural buildings. Agri-steel™ includes...
  • Glass and aluminium facade systems
    Lindner is able to provide a range of systems, with which even the most innovative facade designs can be completed: aluminium glass facades from renowned system providers; aluminium and steel windows, insulated with all...
  • LokFold metal standing seam cladding system
    Lokfold is a high quality, fully supported, metal roofing and cladding system available in a variety of quality metal finishes including pre-painted and mill finish aluminim, copper, zinc and stainless steel. The Lokfold...
  • Corium brick cladding system
    Telling Lime
    Corium is a brick cladding system that combines the natural beauty of genuine brick with cost-effective, fast-track installation. It offers a facing brick finish for projects where a cladding system is required, rather than...
  • Elegance 72 unitised curtain walling system
    Hydro Building Systems
    Curtain walling provides architects and designers with the perfect way to create a stunning building facade. Glass and aluminium invariably combine to deliver a glittering array that is the epitome of modern construction.
  • Elegance 52 comprehensive curtain walling system
    Hydro Building Systems
    Elegance 52 is a comprehensive curtain wall system that combines technology and design with the demands of contemporary building architecture and construction. All Elegance 52 systems use a common substructure with a width...
  • Brick slip cladding
    Thorp Precast
    Thorp Precast Ltd specialises in the design, manufacture and installation of bespoke architectural precast cladding and structural precast concrete components. Units are manufactured by laying facing materials upside down on...
  • Rockspan™ Ultima composite panels
    Eurobond Laminates
    Rockspan™ Ultima offers the most comprehensive fire performance of the entire Eurobond panel range. Fire resistance of up to 4 hours can be achieved through the combination of joint stitching and maximum core density. This...
  • Bespoke stainless steel facade cladding
    Gap Architecture
    Grilles and Architectural Products Ltd (GAP Technology) designs stainless steel cladding to suit any size of building or project, both new and retrofit. Characterised by its visual impact and quality of engineering, bespoke...
  • VidurSolar photovoltaic glass
    Telling Lime
    Telling Architectural supplies VirduSolar laminated photovoltaic glass for construction. It is designed to combine functional, technological and creative aspects into an architectural design. Shapes can include rectangles,...
  • Powerframe blast-resistant curtain walling
    Hydro Building Systems
    The threats that buildings and their occupants need to be protected from is apparent in our everyday news, be it the unpleasant face of terrorism or the unexpected accidents that occur at oil and gas sites such as the...
  • LIMETICS® render system
    Telling Lime
    The LIMETICS® insulated render façade system combines 66% recycled cellular glass insulation with natural hydraulic lime render to create a system that is impervious to water, inert, non-combustible, resistant to flooding...
  • 40mm translucent polycarbonate panel - PC 2540
    Rodeca's 40mm thick and 500mm wide panels come with proven groove and tongue connection. The number of layers of the panel significantly influences its' U-value, which can range from 1.4 to approximately 1.0 W/m²K (according...
  • Rainspan™ ACM metallic composite rainscreen system
    Eurobond Laminates
    Eurobond Laminates offers the Rainspan™ ACM metallic composite rainscreen system. ACM facades can be supplied in finishes which include natural metals, to stone to prismatic and everything in between. This unique through...