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  • Elefant Gratings: Type N mesh grating
    Type N mesh grating
    Elefant Gratings
    Type N grating comprises full-depth flat bars that run both horizontally and vertically. It can be manufactured in carbon steel, stainless steel or aluminium. Primarily used in vertical applications, Type N grating is strong...
  • RHEINZINK: Trapezoidal cladding panels
    Trapezoidal cladding panels
    Trapezoidal profiles are specified for buildings with a modern aesthetic. Their angular shape makes the ribbed, stylised profile appealing. The contrasting effect of light and shadow is more intense than with the softer...
  • Standard Patent Glazing Co: Skyline patent glazing system
    Skyline patent glazing system
    Standard Patent Glazing Co
    The Skyline patent glazing bar system has low profile external aluminium capping that offers an alternative to traditional external stalked glazing bars with a smart, clean appearance. The bars and caps are extruded to the...
  • Silva Timber: Accoya® timber cladding
    Accoya® timber cladding
    Silva Timber
    Accoya® timber is guaranteed for 50 years above ground and 25 years in ground or freshwater. The treatment process enables the consistent supply of durable, dimensionally stable, non-toxic solid wood. With shrinkage and...
  • Lang+Fulton: Piazza green wall - architectural grating
    Piazza green wall - architectural grating
    Piazza-132 is a strong but relatively lightweight grating product with a 124x132mm aperture which is often used to support climbing plants. Panels can be stacked using an appropriate post to any height to create a...
  • Construction Specialties: CS Louvres - Screening
    CS Louvres - Screening
    Construction Specialties
    CS Screening Louvres provide a simple, aesthetic and economical stolution to visual screening of plant or other equipment. They are generally used in locations where rain penetration is acceptable or locations sheltered from...
  • Dunhouse Quarry Co.: Blaxter honey / buff sandstone cladding & Ashlar walling
    Blaxter honey / buff sandstone cladding & Ashlar walling
    Dunhouse Quarry Co.
    Quarried near Otterburn in Northumberland, this fine-grained honey coloured stone has been quarried since the 1890’s and has been used for many prestigious buildings. Suitable as a thin (40mm) cladding (Fischer type system).
  • Hoppings Softwood Products: Q-Garden® pre-treated timber loglap cladding
    Q-Garden® pre-treated timber loglap cladding
    Hoppings Softwood Products
    Q-Garden® pre-treated timber loglap cladding is made from certified softwoods. They are ideal for finishing garden buildings, sheds, cabins and screens. Available in a choice of two sizes, Q-Garden® pre-treated timber loglap...
  • RHEINZINK: Cassette Type K 25 large format cladding panels
    Cassette Type K 25 large format cladding panels
    Rheinzink® Cassette Type K 25 large format cladding panels enable fast, cost-effective installation of facade and cladding systems. The four lateral edges of each profile are folded and they can be custom made for specific...
  • Westgate: Easifilm Anti-Glare window film
    Easifilm Anti-Glare window film
    Easifilm Anti-Glare window film can reduce unwanted glare by up to 90%. Westgate offers a wide range of light and dark grade tinted films and matt films to reduce summer and winter glare, reducing eyestrain and providing...
  • RHEINZINK: Angled standing seam for facades
    Angled standing seam for facades
    RHEINZINK angled standing seam systems are used to join sections lengthwise. The system is characterised by the strong emphasis on seams, which are circa 12mm wide. Profile edging and seam closure is efficiently achieved...
  • Lang+Fulton: Piazza-25 anti-projectile grating
    Piazza-25 anti-projectile grating
    Piazza-25 grating has an extra small aperture and is recommended for screens where there is considered to be a threat from projectiles or for securing enclosures at high risk from vandalism. Lang+Fulton have worked on...
  • RHEINZINK: Sinusoidal (corrugated) profiles for facades
    Sinusoidal (corrugated) profiles for facades
    Corrugated profiles have a flowing sine shape, and therefore appear to be filigreed. The profile provides slight transitions of light and shadow, which are especially attractive on large surface areas. The profiles can be...
  • Westgate: Easifilm Anti-Fade window film
    Easifilm Anti-Fade window film
    Easifilm Anti-Fade window film filters out over 99.6% UV radiation, which is the main cause of fading. The film meets the requirements of BS 5454 for archival storage and are approved by The National Trust and National...
  • Standard Patent Glazing Co: Heritage patent glazing system
    Heritage patent glazing system
    Standard Patent Glazing Co
    Heritage is a lead-covered steel patent glazing system with a design that originates from the Victorian era. It is ideal for the replacement, refurbishment and upgrading of Grade 1 and 2 listed buildings, buildings of...