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  • FAQs about sliding doors – a trade guide
    Runners Sliding Door Systems
    Tradesman often get asked lots of different questions regarding the various types of sliding door systems available, how they work and what their benefits are. These are all valid points and to help answer these enquiries,...
  • Fire door safety - a comprehensive guide
    Whether you are designing, constructing or maintaining a property, one critical area that can sometimes be considered an obstruction to the project is the legal requirement for compulsory fire doors. From a designer’s point...
  • Importance of good quality, well installed fire doors
    Stemko Group Ltd
    The Grenfell Tower fire has firmly clarified the importance of correctly installed fire doors and it is has become a big topic of conversation in the construction industry. The only positive thing that has been taken from...
  • Fire door checks to prevent the spread of smoke
    Stemko Group Ltd
    Most fire deaths aren’t caused by fire, but by smoke inhalation. Smoke can overcome victims very quickly, leading to incapacitation and the inability to exit a building. Since the introduction of the Regulatory Reform (Fire...
  • What is a doorset?
    Stemko Group Ltd
    Door leaf: A door leaf is a single, independently moving panel of a door, and is the most common variety. It features a single panel that fills an entire doorway space. Double-leaf doors have two panels that each open...