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  • Easi-Dec Access Systems: Bespoke access platforms
    Bespoke access platforms
    Easi-Dec Access Systems
    Bespoke access platforms and step-overs are built from modular fittings to provide a safe, robust, corrosion-resistant access platform. Easi-Dec can design both static and mobile custom-built platforms and step-overs to meet...
  • Jacksons Fencing: Standard full-height pedestrian turnstiles
    Standard full-height pedestrian turnstiles
    Jacksons Fencing
    Jacksons' standard pedestrian turnstiles are designed for external use. They can be used singularly or in pairs for separate entry and exit function. Standard options include: powder coated and galvanized framework;...
  • Safesite: Hercule Horizontal Fall Arrest
    Hercule Horizontal Fall Arrest
    Safesite’s Hercule horizontal fall arrest track system is designed for situations where low ground clearance means conventional fall arrest solutions are not suitable, making it ideal for installation in industrial...
  • Bilco UK: Type JD-AL floor door
    Type JD-AL floor door
    Bilco UK
    The JD-AL floor door is widely used for equipment access from wastewater treatment works and pumping stations to biomass boilers and cellar access. These units are supplied with a threaded drain coupling fully welded to the...
  • Kee Safety: KeeGuard ladder kit
    KeeGuard ladder kit
    Kee Safety
    KeeGuard ladder kit is a guardrail kit for ladder access points. It provides permanently fixed guardrails either side of an existing fixed ladder and a self-closing swing gate permitting safe roof access for the purpose of...
  • Easi-Dec Access Systems: Solar Bridging Ladder for solar installations
    Solar Bridging Ladder for solar installations
    Easi-Dec Access Systems
    Easi-Dec's Solar Ladder offers users a safe and practical way of working when installing or maintaining solar panel arrays. It provides 23cm clearance from the roof to the underside of the stile, allowing plenty of work...
  • BLUCHER UK: BLÜCHER access covers
    BLÜCHER access covers
    BLUCHER access covers come in 5 different sizes - for loading up to class B (125KN), if used with concrete C35/C45. Covers contain a welded wire netting to ensure a stable structure. The cover is locked with 4 screws and...
  • Safesite: Pallet gates
    Pallet gates
    Kee Pallet Gates allow goods to be moved safely up or down from mezzanines or raised working surfaces. The range is easy to install and can be seamlessly retro-fitted to guardrails and barriers where openings need to be...
  • Bilco UK: Type BL-Z retractable ladder (optional retractable door)
    Type BL-Z retractable ladder (optional retractable door)
    Bilco UK
    Industrial standard retractable ladder designed for easy installation and fitted with heavy duty counter balancing springs to provide safe and controlled operation. The product can also benefits from a timber lining and...
  • Panelcraft Access Panels: Loftpan loft access panels
    Loftpan loft access panels
    Panelcraft Access Panels
    Panelcraft Access Panels has developed the Loftpan range to provide an effective solution for gaining access to lofts and roof space: fire rated and non-fire rated versions available; provides 60min fire protection; conforms...
  • Bilco UK: Type GS-50TB ladder access roof hatch with skylight
    Type GS-50TB ladder access roof hatch with skylight
    Bilco UK
    GS-50TB ladder access roof hatches are designed for personnel access where a fixed vertical ladder is being used and has the added advantage of a double-skin polycarbonate dome to allow natural daylight into the area below.
  • Kee Safety: Mezzanine pallet gates
    Mezzanine pallet gates
    Kee Safety
    Pallet gates have been designed to provide a safe access solution for factory and warehouse workers who are responsible for loading and unloading pallets onto mezzanine floors or raised working surfaces. The gate can fit...
  • Easi-Dec Access Systems: Valley-Walk mobile safety cage for gutter maintenance
    Valley-Walk mobile safety cage for gutter maintenance
    Easi-Dec Access Systems
    Valley-Walk is a lightweight mobile cage for use by one or two persons, or a light payload. It is specifically designed for light maintenance of valley gutters such as inspection, cleaning or re-sealing. Manufactured from...
  • Bilco UK: SS-50T special size single-leaf roof access hatch
    SS-50T special size single-leaf roof access hatch
    Bilco UK
    SS-50T special size single-leaf roof hatches can be built to virtually any size to accommodate very small openings for personnel access through to larger units for stairways and equipment access. They are manufactured to...
  • Kee Safety: Rooftop fall arrest systems
    Rooftop fall arrest systems
    Kee Safety
    Falls from height are one of the biggest causes of death and serious injury in the workplace. All rooftops should be guarded by a fall protection system to ensure safe and efficient maintenance programmes. Gobal safety...