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  • Measuring and reducing radon gas
    Measuring radon gas As radon levels in a property can vary significantly over time due to weather conditions and seasonal changes tests should run over several months. As such we recommend that a standard test should cover...
  • Tread carefully using the BS 8215 DPC staircase
    Cavity Trays
    Various British Standards have been withdrawn in the past few years but one that remains is BS 8215. If you pick up the latest PD 6697 it currently refers back to BS 8215 as a source for competent construction.
  • Condensation and mould growth
    While there are several distinct types of condensation in buildings, surface condensation is by far the most common; indeed it is the most common form of dampness within domestic properties. Unfortunately, it is often...
  • Understanding water table and basements
    Trace Basement Systems
    Advice on what to consider in respect of water table and basement waterproofing The phrase ‘water table’ is often mentioned where issues of water penetration affect basements and cellars, however the theory may in many cases...
  • Environmental considerations for plastic roofing systems
    Now more than ever, the environmental impact of your chosen roofing product is high up on considerations for specification. It’s common knowledge that the environmental impact of plastics is higher than other building...
  • Acoustics in private homes
    Knauf Danoline
    Why are perforated gypsum boards necessary in homes? It is more the rule than the exception that ceilings in kitchens, family rooms and living rooms are high, which provides more light and air and comfort for the eye and...
  • Balustrades: health and safety - who's responsible?
    Delta Balustrades
    The installation of balustrades is intended to prevent the risk of falls from stairs, terraces and balconies, however even the smallest of design errors can result in health and safety failure. So who has design...
  • 5 Top Tips for specifying the right balustrade system
    Delta Balustrades
    Specifying the right balustrade for your building demands a detailed understanding of the requirements of its specific use and construction, which is why it is always beneficial to work with a trusted balustrade specialist...
  • Does your property value Increase with an outbuilding?
    Classic Barn Company
    Watch Linda Barker's new show The Home Game, ask the question lots of home owners ask ‘how much will my property increase in value if I add an outbuilding’ ? See The Classic Barn Company put this question to the test. Click...