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  • Choosing the correct acoustic partition
    Moving Designs
    Acoustic partitions allow schools, hotels, meeting rooms and other facilities to divide and expand rooms to meet their ever changing requirements. Specifying them into the building design not only allows the owner to provide...
  • Cladding - a versatile alternative for exterior walls
    Cladding panels are available in many forms, shapes colours and textures. There is something to suit almost any project requirement or budget with an associated variation in cost dependent on quality of the material used.
  • Fibre cement - rooted in history
    From paper to fibre cement The fibre-cement manufacturing process was invented by an Austrian Ludwig Hatschek in the 1890’s. He combined, after 7 years of experimenting, cellulose, reinforcing fibres and cement in solution...
  • Cedar shingles - green roofing
    Cedar shingles – the roofing product that does grow on trees Cedars are fast growing, prevalent species, Eastern White cedar being a naturally reseeding species reaching maturity in as few as 50 years. Cedar shingles have a...
  • Corrugated roofing sheets - rust and rot proof
    From flat to corrugated sheets Turning a flat sheet into a profiled sheet with the addition of corrugations dramatically increases its strength. A regular repeated corrugation enables water to run off such a profiled sheet,...
  • Airtightness and ventilation in sealing products
    Peter Thompson, general manager of ISO-CHEMIE UK, provides an insight into the trade-off between airtightness and ventilation in sealing products. The legal requirement to consider airtightness in building designs has been...
  • BS 8102:2009 - structural waterproofing
    Trace Basement Systems
    Introduction BS 8102:2009 is the 'Code of practice for protection of below ground structures against water from the ground'. It is the primary design guide for structural (basement) waterproofing in the UK. Although there...
  • Window installation and energy efficiency standards
    Andrew Swift, technical advisor for foam sealants supplier ISO-Chemie, offers advice for installers about achieving energy efficiency installations and the benefits of using foam tape sealants for longer lasting performance.
  • Understanding water table and basements
    Trace Basement Systems
    Advice on what to consider in respect of water table and basement waterproofing The phrase ‘water table’ is often mentioned where issues of water penetration affect basements and cellars, however the theory may in many cases...
  • Tread carefully using the BS 8215 DPC staircase
    Cavity Trays
    Various British Standards have been withdrawn in the past few years but one that remains is BS 8215. If you pick up the latest PD 6697 it currently refers back to BS 8215 as a source for competent construction.
  • Dry rot - how does it start?
    Dry rot is the common name given to the wood destroying fungus, Serpula lacrymans. However, despite its common name it will generally only attack damp timber. Initiation of attack is by either a minute dry rot spore or cross...
  • Create happier, healthier, higher-performing schools
    Whitesales Group
    The right refurbishment can transform education for students and staff alike. Did you know that simply increasing daylight and fresh air circulation in classrooms can lead to: Improved concentration levels and higher...
  • What is a constructability study?
    A constructability or feasibility study is carried out to see how a real life project may go or to see if a project is viable. Sometimes it is done in miniature, sometimes the sections are full size. Studies can be carried...
  • Rising damp - an introduction
    Does rising damp exist? Reading certain articles in a number of newspapers one would think not - it is a myth! Unfortunately the journalists have failed to appreciate the extensive research over many years into rising damp...
  • Environmental considerations for plastic roofing systems
    Now more than ever, the environmental impact of your chosen roofing product is high up on considerations for specification. It’s common knowledge that the environmental impact of plastics is higher than other building...