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  • Concrete waterproofing explained
    Newton Waterproofing
    Reinforced concrete, when designed and installed correctly, is already waterproof. Good concrete waterproofing design therefore focuses on the gaps in the structure. Here, Newton Waterproofing, explains how to protect a...
  • Where are coloured clay tiles used?
    Where are coloured clay tiles used? It is perhaps not surprising to find that clay tile usage closely correlates with areas where suitable clay is found, with clay plain tiles used to cover roofs for over 1000 years in...
  • FAQs about sliding doors – a trade guide
    Runners Sliding Door Systems
    Tradesman often get asked lots of different questions regarding the various types of sliding door systems available, how they work and what their benefits are. These are all valid points and to help answer these enquiries,...
  • Say goodbye to rust forever - choose galvanised steel
    Did you know? Galvanising is the most environmentally friendly way of protecting steel from rust. We all know that steel is a fantastic material, however, it does have one flaw, rust. If left untreated, steel will rust very...
  • Vapour and air permeable membranes explained
    A Proctor Group
    As Building Regulations are demanding ever higher thermal efficiency in both commercial and domestic sectors, today’s building professional increasingly needs to consider airtightness as a way of improving the thermal...
  • All-Party Parliamentary Group on Working at Height
    At the end of February 2019, the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Working at Height released its report on safety at height practices in the UK, based on its investigations into the work at height culture across the country.
  • What are the best materials for flat roofing?
    MEDITE SMARTPLY looks at three of the highest performing flat roofing types and their benefits When considering installing flat roofing onto any building there are a few key factors to take into consideration. Firstly,...
  • Assessing the benefits of bi-directional fire testing
    Profab Access
    THE HACKITT Report revealed major concerns regarding the quality assurance of fire doors and the issues surrounding the transparency of information and availability of audit trails with regard to these building components.
  • Do I really require a Waterproofing Design Specialist?
    Delta Membrane Systems
    Waterproofing design is a complex task. Gone are the days of architects undertaking the role of waterproofing design in a project. Getting the design correct prior to construction will save significant costs. British...
  • How to waterproof a basement conversion
    Newton Waterproofing
    The key to successfully waterproofing a basement conversion is to choose a system that will achieve the degree of waterproofing required for the intended use of the basement. If the basement conversion is going to be used...
  • How to specify a green roof
    Harrowden Turf
    A living green roof is an amazing thing. It benefits local wildlife, the occupants of a building and the wider environment. It can even be designed to support food production. However, to specify a green roof is more complex...
  • Factors to consider if choosing waterproofing materials
    Delta Membrane Systems
    There is a wide choice of structural waterproofing materials available in the market and it can be difficult to determine the best option for a project. The complexity and competitiveness of the industry brings challenges...
  • Balustrade safety: load requirements
    BA Systems
    Balustrades and barriers need to be designed to protect persons from falling from height. Every balustrade must be engineered, manufactured and installed to withstand forces that could be applied by persons using the...
  • Out of Sight is Not Out of Mind
    Formaldehyde is a naturally occurring substance, found in all natural things in very small amounts. Therefore, things made out of natural materials like wood contain a small amount of formaldehyde which may be emitted into...
  • What is negative and positive side waterproofing?
    Delta Membrane Systems
    One of the most interesting questions in the waterproofing sector is “What is positive side” or “What is negative side” waterproofing. Structural waterproofing specialists, Delta Membranes, provides the answers. Positive...