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  • Elite Precast Concrete:  Precast concrete specialists
    Precast concrete specialists
    Elite Precast Concrete
    Elite Precast Concrete's has the facilities necessary to produce completely custom-designed products to individual specifications, such as building blocks, covers and slabs.
  • Anderton Concrete Products: Bespoke concrete products
    Bespoke concrete products
    Anderton Concrete Products
    Anderton Concrete manufactures bespoke concrete products for specialist applications. The Anderton specialist manufacturing unit has a complete, fully trained, experienced workforce able to manufacture individual items up to...
  • Timberwise: Woodworm solutions
    Woodworm solutions
    Wood-boring insects can cause structural and unsightly damage in buildings. There are a number of wood-boring insects that attack timber in properties in the UK. Woodworm is a description commonly and loosely applied to all...
  • Timberwise: Timber beam repair
    Timber beam repair
    When dry rot or wet rot occurs in timber beam or truss ends it usually requires extensive opening up and destructive works to replace the timber or "bolt on" unsightly steel plates or side-splice. Timberwise has worked with...
  • Timberwise: Wet rot solutions
    Wet rot solutions
    Wet rot can cause structural defects in buildings, is it unsightly and is also unhealthy for building occupants. It can grow at an alarming rate in certain conditions. Wet rot is usually caused by dampness, running water,...
  • Timberwise: Flood remediation solutions - dry rot
    Flood remediation solutions - dry rot
    When a building has been subjected to flooding it is important that any flood remediation work is carried out by experts. Timberwise, as members of the Property Care Association Flood Remediation Group, are specialists in...
  • Timberwise: Dry rot solutions
    Dry rot solutions
    Dry rot can cause structural defects in buildings, is it unsightly and is also unhealthy for building occupants. It can grow at an alarming rate in certain conditions. Dry rot is usually caused by dampness, running water,...
  • Castle Group: Castle Training Academy
    Castle Training Academy
    Castle Group
    The Castle Training Academy provides training courses and free seminars to ensure you have the skills to perform in your role, whether as a health and safety professional, environmental manager, or a maintenance or...
  • Bison Manufacturing: Precast concrete stadia products
    Precast concrete stadia products
    Bison Manufacturing
    To help specifiers and contractors overcome the challenges modern stadia design presents, Bison produce a range of precast products designed to help make the architect's vision a reality, while also satisfying both safety...
  • Architectural services
    Stackhouse Design
    Involved in a wide variety of projects including residential, commercial and retail.
  • Architectural Consultants
    Afterhours is a small practice that evolved to become a distinctive, affordable and efficient "Design and Build" studio for householders and developers. In the last few years it has undertaken different commissions ranging...
  • Chemically stained concrete floors
    E J Lazenby Contracts
    Chemical stain is an application for cured concrete and produces translucent variegated shades and subtle tones ideal for creating unique finishes. Chemical stains that react with the concrete can help provide durable...
  • Consulting Engineers
    Buro Happold
    Buro Happold is a multi disciplinary consultancy. Disciplines are: acoustics; building services engineering; lighting; fire engineering; asset management; structural engineering; bridges & civil structures; coastal and...
  • EMS training courses
    Environmental Monitoring Solutions
    Environmental Monitoring Solutions (EMS) delivers a number of popular and successful environmental training courses based on the practical, hands-on application of environmental management practices, waste management...
  • Low Carbon Buildings
    Encraft's experienced team of building physicists, mechanical, electrical and building services engineers provide a full range of high-quality engineering and technical services for onsite renewable and energy efficiency...